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Rockin' body on a nutritionally devoid diet???

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    just think of how high his testosterone and growth hormone are at that age! A little weight training will go a long way if those particular hormones are high.


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      if you're exercising tons, you can eat a lot of shit and not gain weight. I've done it. all through university I was in amazing shape - i used to row competitively - and I ate horrible, horrible shit (cereal, processed junk etc.). at that age you respond so well to exercise. check back in 10 years. or even 5 if he starts working a desk job. i put on over 50lbs (of fat) in about 6-7 years once i started working. then dropped 20-30 or so of that once i started mountain biking recreationally, but i've always kept a gut. It looks like PB may be the first thing I've tried since then that might get me back down to being trim - 5 weeks in and i'm at the skinniest i've been for probably nearly a decade.

      the real kicker for me is the energy levels i have now - i don't need to constantly eat snack bars etc. when out for rides > 2 hours. Before I would sometimes get shaky if I hadn't had enough sugar. Now I last longer and don't need to eat anything mid-ride.

      is it genes or just more effective workout? and there is some truth at least to calories in, calories out - even if he's eating grains, it doesn't sound like he's eating very much, so it would be easy for him to keep the fat off. and at that age, you don't need as much protein for some reason. at least that's been my experience.


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        Originally posted by BarbeyGirl View Post
        Yep, decent genes plus youth. He probably has a relatively unscathed metabolism that can, for now, manage the insulin pendulum -- and all that strength work is helping drain his frequently-bolstered glycogen stores. I doubt he can get away with it forever.
        In fact he told me yesterday, he doesn't intend to ever increase the weights he's lifting in order not to get any bigger. I'm thinking this is going to be a disaster 5-10-15 yrs down the road...perhaps sooner.

        I think the thing that frustrates me the most is that I'm the exact same age, have been doing heavy compound lifts always with the intention of getting stronger over time, eat whole foods 90% of the time and I don't even look like I work out!


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          I've got a friend just like that. He is a gym freak. He visits the gym at least 4 times a week and have a superior body despite his crappy diet.
          He states that he trains at the gym so he can eat whatever he wants. It seems to work just fine...


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            It will catch up with him soon.
            Here it is, your moment of zen.

            It's a no brainer: The journal of the cerebelum


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              Good for him! If his diet is making him happy and it is void of joint pain, headaches, energy dips, weight gain, ect... Then good for him! No point in saying it's going to catch up.
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