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    Hello All-

    I just finished reading the Primal Blueprint and wow did I enjoy it. I was given it by a close friend who i trust and after just a week am seeing fantastic results. I have a few questions/confusions as far as the nutrition stuff goes. I understand the basic premise and the absolute ideology that grain carbs are the enemy but I'm still unsure about a few things and I was hoping someone could help me. For instance, animal meat is great to eat but does that include suasage, bacon, lunch meats, etc...? Or should i be sticking to turkey and chicken? And, what about condiments, soy sauce, ketchup, mustard, mayo, guacomole? And, dairy i cannot get a definitive answer on that. Can i eat yogurt and cheese and drink milk? In keeping with the whole low carb idea, is that the only thing i should be looked at other than obviously natural ingredients? Today i was at the grocery store and i came across and french and onion dip that was very low in carbs but I wondered whether it fit the primal lifestyle. I feel like there are mixed messages, sometimes I'm being told eat Primal foods as much and as often as you want and other types I'm supposed to moderate my intake? And what about beans? What can I snack on?

    Sorry for all of the questions, maybe the answers should be obvious but I'm confused and looking for guidance.

    Finally, I'm not a marathon runner or anything but I am a division one athlete and my sport requires considerable cardio. My exercising is very regular and in like with the Primal philosophy but I was worried about when I get back to school and am in season or training with my team, should I be consuming any grains then? I workout hard during the summer but nothing really compares to the grind of a full season. Please answer any of my questions, you don't have to answer them all but a guiding in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

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    1. Processed meats (sausage, bacon, cold cuts) often have a bunch of additives in them. I would stay away from them and buy only unprocessed meats. That does not mean only turkey and chicken, but virtually all meat in it's simplest form.

    2. Store bought condiments are full of crap. Soy sauce is okay, but get the wheat free kind (Tamari) if you must. You can always make your own ketchup, mayo, and guacamole. Even if the brand is natural and organic, it will still have some bullshit like canola oil.

    3. Unsweetened yogurt, cheese, and milk are fine if you can handle them. I don't drink milk (gives me the farts) but I eat tons of cheese.

    4. As for the French onion dip, see # 2. Make your own.

    5. There are tons of threads on beans here. Make your choice. If you want to eat them, soak them or something. Won't kill you, but there's better things to eat.

    6. I understand that you need carbs for your sport. But that does not mean you should eat grains. Sweet potatoes, fruits, etc can provide you with enough. Buttt if you must, I consider white rice to be pretty safe in terms of anti nutrients and digestibility. Just keep in mind that it's completely rid of nutrients and it is a bunch of empty calories. I eat it post work out only because it's very convenient, cheap, I like the taste and I am not looking to lose weight.
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      avoid processed foods. the pb is about eating REAL nourishing(yes, homemade) foods. beans are a no-no (lectins). i personally avoid dairy, but that is up to you. you can snack on homemade jerky's, kale chips, fruit, veggies, leftovers, etc. after awhile you probably won't have the desire to snack in between meals. grains never should be considered no matter what activity level you are. just up the good carbs (veggies, fruit) when you go back training. it's simple. that's why this concept works. the transition may be tough if you aren't used to cooking, but ya gotta do it:-) good luck!
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