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  • Weight Loss, Lunch, Other Stuff

    This is my second week on the PB, and overall, i feel great. However, I switched from the SAD-based Weight Watchers and am looking to continue my weight loss, but so far, this week is pretty slow. DBF lost over thirty pounds after switching and is enjoying continued good health and renewed energy. However, i really struggle with coming up with Primal meals for breakfast and lunch. any suggestions?

    *Disclaimer: I KNOW the blueprint is primarily a lifestyle, not a diet, so if that's your response, keep it to yourself, because it won't help me.*

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    I dont' always eat breakfast, but if I do it's usually a couple pieces of bacon and three eggs - either in an omelet w/ half an avaocado or (lately) scrambled with a couple tbsp of butter.

    lunch is similar to dinnner: meat + veggies cooked in fat. I typically have chicken or pork for lunch. Dinner is usually beef.
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      breakfast i either skip, or i eat eggs, usually hard boiled because they're easy to make. weekends ill add bacon into the breakfast.

      Lunches i eat a lot of leftovers from the previous couple day dinners. I generally cook more meat than i would for dinner, then package it up to take to work the next day or two.

      Sometimes i go to the deli and just buy deli meat and eat it for lunch . . sometimes i eat canned tuna and canned salmon. I also eat a good bit of nuts around lunchtime, i keep a big jar of nuts at my desk
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        I usually take a big salad with canned fish and some fats like avocado or olives to work for a late breakfast.

        If I have lunch, it's typically a couple HB eggs or egg muffins or a cold chicken thigh, and maybe a handful of cherries.

        Dinner is usually meat and cooked veggies or a one-pot dish like curry.
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          lets see, today I'm having a cup of coffee w/ heavy cream and coconut oil. And leftover steak with mustard from last night.
          I never know what to make for lunch so I usually skip if it unless I'm very hungry. Then its veggies swimming in butter and maybe eggs, or something snacky like almond butter or peanut butter and celery sticks. Another idea is a BAS. Easy, tasty and filling.
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            I usually skip breakfast, but some great portable options for on the way to work are those egg muffins (just search in the blog area), hard boiled eggs, a big hunk of meat.... lol

            Lunch is almost always a BAS!
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              breakfast: bacon or leftover meat/veg from dinner or hardboiled eggs, or just a gulp of coconut oil. For a couple of days this week I had tuna salad with hardboiled egg, because I'm trying to use up some cans of tuna. It was a little gross first thing in the morning, but it kept me energized throughout the day.
              lunch: BAS with some protein, eg chicken or egg, and a bit of a treat like nuts or goat cheese!

              I'm not a huge fan of a savory breakfast but I'm getting into it. Somehow a sweet breakfast always leads to a high carb day: I always get into trouble when I keep fruit in the house...I start having frut and coconut milk for breakfast, and then a bit of fruit for desert and then some fruit for a snack..and then some more fruit for desert..So this week, home is fruit free. Still allowed to steal cherries from my coworkers though.
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                Lately I have been enjoying big ass salads for breakfast... yes, that is right. I now workout in the morning and I LOVE my big ass salads after a workout. But, sometimes I still enjoy eggs - all different ways. Throw on some avocado and/or make a coconut milk based smoothie or other stuff.

                Feel free to eat leftovers for breakfast!! For lunch I enjoy salads again
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                  four eggs with some chopped up peppers for breakfast...sometimes i add sliced mushrooms that i saute in bacon grease too. that keeps me full pretty much throughout the day, but if i have lunch it's usually a small piece of grilled chicken and maybe some cooked spinach drizzled with olive oil. dinner is pretty much always a big ass salad, which can constantly change in flavor, texture, color, etc.


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                    I have to say that i felt the same way. however after 14 weeks, i have the opposite effect. I have a fridge full of ingredients that i dont have enough time to use. There are so many recipes out there for primal its rediculous. Not just from MDA. check out "this primal life". the more you get into the preperation of your meals, the more meal choices you will have. Also the longer on PB, the more ingredients I like. Up until 6 weeks ago , I HATED the texture of coconut & rasberry seeds. Now I cant live without them. The Mind is an amazing thing. Definetly stronger than the body. Good luck
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                      Originally posted by Chairdr View Post
                      The Mind is an amazing thing. Definetly stronger than the body.
                      This is 100% true
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                        I freeze a lot of blueberries. Bfst I use a custard cup about half full and add some greek yogurt. That's enuff with coffee. Other days when hungry I eat a 2 egg scramble with bacon or sausage. For lunch I get by with hard boiled egg or some green leafy stuff to gnaw on. Dinner my usual large meal. Luck, Chuck
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