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5 weeks in - looking for some advice on speeding up weight loss

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  • 5 weeks in - looking for some advice on speeding up weight loss

    I'm 5 weeks into PB - and finally I'm feeling better - I have consistently more energy during the day, and now have more during sports too. I'm super happy with the diet. I've lost weight, and everything is headed in the right direction.

    I've also been combating a sugar addiction (it's won a few times now) and although this is far from over, I'm doing much better lately.

    At this point I'd like to speed up the weight loss, as it's been pretty slow. Now that I seem to be fully switched over from carb burning to fat burning (my eating schedule has totally changed - i no longer get hungry at the regular times) I figure it's a good time to get started.

    I've listed an example of my daily intake below. I've not really started calculating carbs/fat/protein percentages, I didn't really want to have to do that - so I suppose I'm looking for some places where there are some obvious wins to be made.

    1-2 rashers thick-cut bacon (organic, from local farm)
    3 eggs (free-range, organic, local farm)
    fruit smoothie (generally fresh strawberries and blueberries, sometimes blackberries too. a splash of oj (store-bought, 100% oj, no added ingredients, but pasteurised). often I will add flax seed oil and some coconut oil to it too.)

    breakfast is consistent - i have this almost every day.

    rest of the day (this varies all the time):

    sometimes another fruit smoothie
    steak & salad, or a stew, or pork sausages, or a burger wrapped in lettuce, or a roast, or... new stuff from the PB cookbook
    some trail mix (nuts, seeds, dried fruit)
    sometimes a little something else - a salad or some leftover stew or jerky, or whatever is laying around etc.
    i might try something new like coconut meat, or some primal bars or cookies sometimes too

    sidenote: i also drink more beer than i should - i will be switching that out to wine soon (and reducing how much I drink). i break down every now and again and eat grains - never at home, but out with friends or whatever i might have a piece of chocolate cake or a cookie or something. I know I should stop this - I've cut it down big-time, and I think it'll be something that gets better over time - I don't want to force myself on this issue as then I'll start to hate this way of eating. Please no feedback on cutting this out - I KNOW. I'm working on it.

    i never go hungry. if i'm hungry i eat. i don't get hungry like i used to either. now it's a very mild version of hunger - easy to ignore and sometimes I have to remind myself to eat.

    i'm fairly active - i mountain bike 3-5 hours a week at least (some weeks much more), play tennis and sail occassionally. i've started some tabata exercises for 16 minutes every morning too.

    I'm guessing I should plug this all into fitday and figure out what my ratios are. I really don't want to monitor what I eat every day.

    Anyways, I'm thinking I might need more protein and less fat? I was thinking I might start using some whey protein powder in those smoothies.

    FWIW - It seems like I could continue as I'm going and continue to lose weight. So there's no actual problem per se. It's just that now I'd like to go through a few weeks of dropping the weight off faster before levelling off again.

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    Drop the fruit. If you want to lose really fast, I'd suggest keeping carbs around 0-50.
    Remember, you are unique just like everybody else.


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      try dropping some fruit and going without any alcohol for a week or two to see if that changes the speed of your weight loss.


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        okay, i've been playing with some fitday numbers, and some foods are a little surprising. carrots are similar to berries? really?

        as tomorrow i'm getting a large package of organic grass fed beef - i'm going to go drastic for 2 weeks. the berries have been frozen. the beer's been put away, and i'm going to eat lots of bacon, beef, eggs, salads, stews and other tasty treats from the cookbook. this isn't going to be sustainable for me, but I can do it for 2 weeks. I might even throw in some IFing. No alcohol. No more smoothies. No other grains/cakes or anything else either. I've taken another shirtless picture today @ 5 weeks, the next one will be in 2 weeks time and we'll see the difference.


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          no booze, no grains, no nuts, and lower your fruit intake to only one smoothie a day, and you'll see some results.

          whether or not you have the willpower to do that, is up to you, but those are the only things in your current diet that are holding you back. you can also have these foods (except grains-that has got to go for good) on the weekends if you like, while abstaining during the week (what i do), and see good results as well.

          the quick and dirty version would be dropping the worst offenders immediatly though: that booze and grain
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            [QUOTE=cemdev;159789] this isn't going to be sustainable for me, but I can do it for 2 weeks. QUOTE]

            you'd be surprised how much you dont miss things once you've given your body a chance to experience what its like without them.


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              I would strongly suggest ditching the smoothies. A lot of people's bodies don't get the same "I'm full" reaction to liquid calories as to solid ones.

              Good luck!


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                As above, just wanted to second the idea that, sadly, ditching booze is really the next level of PB-ness. A personal struggle for me.
                If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):


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                  thanks guys. for 2 weeks i'm going to take this VERY seriously. No smoothies. No alchohol. No nuts (except as a snack when riding if I don't have any jerky). And no grains. Period.

                  Let's see what that brings.

                  After, I think I might go your way lmyers - weekends only on the booze.

                  I'll post some photos soon - I've got day 1, week 3 and week 5 and it's pretty interesting to see the results - I'm really glad I took pictures or I would have forgotten how much I have lost already. I'm hoping this 2 week intensive should get me to that place where I'm proud of my body again.


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                    i wish i would have remembered to take pics!