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Ideas for snacks to take on a flight?

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  • Ideas for snacks to take on a flight?

    Heya Everyone!
    I have a long a** flight ahead of me - about 14 hours. and I have a feeling that cheap wine on the plane is as close to primal as it's gonna get. Any suggestions what i can take with me? Nuts are the only thing I can think off that doesn't smell or spoil!

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    Nuts, leftover cooked chicken or meats (I like roasted chicken or grilled flank steak best), cut up veggies like celery, carrots, cucumber, peppers, radishes, jicima, cherry tomatoes, hard boiled egg (although this might not make your seat neighbor happy), homemade jerky ....

    I have never had a problem with foods going bad in my purse for a full day. I try and eat the ones that would 'probably' go bad meats first, veggies second, nuts last sort of deal.

    I have actually gotten a fruit and cheese plate on a couple planes lately (tossing the crackers). Not great, but sometimes those are offered.

    You could also incorporate a fast in there.

    Good luck, stay hydrated!
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      You can pretty much take anything on the plane you want, and don't be worried about what others think. Look at how many people getting on are bringing on food with them. I usually take nuts, beef jerky, a Larabar, and cheese. Once I took homemade guacamole and scooped it up with bacon. It was delicious! But yea, I got some weird looks on that one! Take whatever you want, and don't worry about it going bad on you, chances are it won't. Have a great trip!


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        thank you, those are some great ideas! I was thinking about incorporating a fast, however I have never done one before and not sure how my body would react...
        and guacamole with bacon?? genius!


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          I'm having a short flight to Peru very soon, should only be about 8 hours so I'm just gonna eat before I get on, I have a big and super not primal meal waiting for me when I get there and I'm actually really looking forward to it! I'm going to try to keep it primal/paleo but that first meal, first time back home in 10 years, shit, bring on everything I haven't touched in a while.

          Gonna have some guinea pig while I'm there, rabbit too, psyched for both.
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            in my mind, this is the moment for nuts and/or jerkey.


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              macadamia nuts.

              a severed human hand.


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                Fast that bad boy!
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                  you could make some sweet potato crisps? Nuts is always a good idea. Just remember if going into another country ditch the leftovers before customs. (in nz you will get fined for bringing in an apple!)


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                    What everyone above said......JERKY, NUTS, LARABAR!


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                      AH! The perfect instance for my super special trip-food.


                      Little Saiyan


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                        BabyBel cheeses!


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                          Grab a super-primal egg based bfast and zero carbs before your flight, and I'll bet you'll be fine with a little baggie of nuts and a hunk of cheese. I just flew NYC -> S. America with exactly that and it was easy peazy.
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                            pemmican jerky berries pork rinds nuts
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                              thank you everyone! Severed human hand is a great idea,(can't believe I have not thought of that!) but it will take while to defrost...

                              so i'm off to stock up on jerky and nuts. will also make a chicken salad from leftover dinner... with bacon!

                              Whoop Whoop!