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How's this for a primal day of eating?

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  • How's this for a primal day of eating?

    Food Name Cals/Fat/Carbs/Prot

    Iced Coffee 250/12.0/40.0/3.0
    Egg, whole, poached 214/14.9/1.2/18.8
    Beef, top sirloin 578/16.9/0.0/99.8
    Olive oil 239/27.0/0.0/0.0
    Squash, summer, zucchini 14/0.0/3.5/0.6
    Dark Chocolate 85% 105/9.0/4.0/2.0
    Cream, heavy, fluid 514/55.1/4.2/3.1
    EAS Protein 120/2.0/3.0/23.0

    Total 2,034/136.9/55.8/150.2

    i know the ice coffee wasn't a great idea, but I did it anyway

    Thoughts on my food consumption?

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    Originally posted by workinhard View Post

    i know the ice coffee wasn't a great idea, but I did it anyway

    Thoughts on my food consumption?
    coffee is a fantastic idea, sir.

    I have no idea what you wiegh, your gender, your age, or your goals, but.......

    514 calories of cream? there is 50 cal in a tbsp, any reason for all that cream?

    Id personally sub the olive oil with butter, coconut oil, or grease/lard/tallow every once in a while, but its not a big deal, especially since there are no nuts in the picture.


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      I'm 6ft tall male. Started at 230, down to 217 in a month or so (I think). The old weight charts say I should be between 168-182 or something like that, but I'd look anorexic! I'm pretty broad shouldered, but could definitely tone up as I lose fat. 26 years old, goal is to get down to 205 or so, and ripped

      Actually I don't care so much about being ripped... but more so about being strong and fit. Lots of knee problems in my past (shattered knee cap, three surgeries since 04). I'm back on the softball field, but not soccer yet.

      As for the olive oil... I mixed it with a little butter to cook the steak in for my lunch. The cream... well I know that's overboard... but my goodness, have you ever tried this?

      Take some cream (4-5oz), and one scoop of protein. I mix it together till it's relatively smooth.. then I WHIP IT so it gets a little bit fluffy. Freeze for a few hours... and that is one tasty treat


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        that sounds sooooo good.

        If you are looking to build strength, my advice would be to play around with your carbs a bit. Have days where you eat 200 grams of carbs to replinish muscle glycogen. This is cruicial to building upon your lean mass, especially if youre doing any sort of lifting. On days where you eat higher carbs, lower your fat intake to about 50ish grams at the most. this is pretty easy to do, just ease off the free fats for these days. The carbs should come from veggies, berries, and yams/sweet taters ideally.

        On other days I would keep your fat grams the same, and perhaps increase the protein a little? 136 grams seems a tad low, especially for your stats and goals to build strength. your calories also seem low. I assume you are going for a significant calorie deficit to lose the extra pudge, but it looks like this is coming at the expense of adequate protein. Increase your protein a little, which will by default increase your cals a little, and you will still enjoy a deficit that burns fat while at the same time getting enough protein and cals to build mass and be sated.

        Do you know your bf%?
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          I agree 160-180 is a little lean for a 6 footer. 200 lbs looks great on 6 feet of man!


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            I'm not sure of my body fat %... and although I don't think it's healthy there is one thing I noticed... I have VERY little body fat across most of my body, but a fair amount around my middle. I have ripped shoulders, a ripped back, nicely developed chest... and legs are pretty good.

            Now that I think about it, I carry almost all of it around my gut...and isn't that the worst place?

            I do like the idea about more protein though. My job is a little nuts right now and I'm doing my best to eat the right way for this diet... love the way I feel. For strength training, i try to mix it up, but I'm always lifting heavy things. I had a thread about throwing a heavy bag around in the back yard... Fiancee thought i was nuts, but I felt like a million bucks!


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              the gut area is were most men carry their stubborn body fat. It can easily be removed by continuing to eat primally and building strength. As you get down closer to your goal weight, your body will want to hold on to this last little bit of fat. Mixing in some 12-18 hour fasts to your weekly routine will help with this.

              it sounds like you have very little stubborn fat anyway, and lots of lean mass elsewhere. you need to eat 1 gram of protein per lb of lean mass. You can find some online calculators to find out your bf% by entering in some stats. from that you can estimate how much LBM you have. 150 gr. protein would be fine if you had 60 lbs of fat on you, but you don't. Feed your muscle more protein and it will torch your fat faster.

              and keep throwin that bag around!