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How to avoid carb cravings?

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  • How to avoid carb cravings?

    Hello, I am trying to eat less carbs but it is difficult, especially crackers in winter time.

    I was thinking if taking a spoon of oil instead of carbs. I already take one or two flax seed oil spoons so I am considering olive oil.

    The problem is that carbs give fast energy from glucose, but what about oils?

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    Well fats will not give you muscle glycogen which is the fuel used during intense exercise.

    IMO, taking a shot of oil every time you're craving something "bad" sounds just as bad as the actual "bad" thing.
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      While some oils have some benefits, they are still no substitute for eating real whole foods. Some folks go cold turkey and give up all carbs; some wean themselves like you are trying to do. I think it's best to get over carbs (grains, added sugar) as quickly as possible. Try snacking on hard boiled eggs, smoked salmon, all beef franks (nitrate free), bacon, etc. These foods will give you energy and you will feel full. It's worth it to stick it out in giving up grains and sugars. You will feel much better and have more energy. Real food is where it's at. (And I'm someone who has had to get over depending on whey powder smoothies!)


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        I think this link has some great info:

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          Im a little confused to where the spoon of oil came from? If that is satisfying your craving, I'd say that you're probably not eating enough calories, which could be the reason behind cravings.

          That's just my opinion based on the fact that a spoon of oil doesn't sound too appealing, although it still caries calories.
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            That's Sally Fallon's idea.

            I like the idea of lots of meat, fat, and low carb vegetables for those trying to reduce carbs. A couple of cups of mashed cauliflower usually did it for me the first time I ever reduced carbs greatly.
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              Oh yeah lots of the WAPF women do that... I guess I'd rather just eat the calories, but that screws with macros if that's what you're trying to get down...
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                Thanks for the replies.

                I should try vegetables instead, but it is difficult.

                Today I just eat an egg, but maybe 1 or 2 eggs/day is too much.


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                  If you're not trying to hit certain macros besides calories and carbs or something like that, I would have the eggs over spoons of oil. To each his own I guess.
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                    Would tomatoes be a good choice? Or do they contain the same fructose as other fruits?


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                      a good choice for what? snacking? why not try eating meat, veg, and fat all at once! then your snack attacks might be tamed.....


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                        Tomatoes and avocados are good, relatively low carb fruit, that have a lot of potassium and other good micronutrients. But, I agree with lmyers above. I incorporate tomatoes and avocados into my meals and try not to snack.


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                          lmyers04, yes as a snack or for breakfast. Meat will be complicated.

                          Egoldstein, yes I eat avocados, good idea.

                          What is the opinion about coconut here (not oil ,which I find good for the skin)? I read it gives energy and is digested fat.