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  • carrageenan

    Just went shopping and tried to get as much primal food as i could. As I was picking up some chicken quarters I had a weird feeling that I should check the ingredient list. Turns out this "carrageenan" stuff is in it. I did some research and it does not look like something that would be healthy to eat. What is everyone else's opinion?

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    Were these frozen chicken quarters?
    I can't imagine why chicken should have more than one ingredient------chicken.


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      it was some bagged chicken they had, they were not frozen at the time but, may have been frozen before. I pretty much have one store, Walmart, to shop at so I have to be careful on what they put out. I'm so pissed at finding out what crap I have been eating for my whole life. No wonder I have all these health problems...


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        It's a seaweed/algae extract often used as a thickening agent. How that usage applies to chicken quarters, I couldn't say! Maybe it makes the natural chicken juices more gelatenous so they don't run out of the packaging??
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          chicken is regularly pumped full of broth, salt and seaweed (carageenan). Up to 15% of the weight of that piece of chicken could come from those things.

          People like salty, juicy chicken, and carageenan enhances the ability of the meat to absorb salt and broth (both of which are cheaper than chicken, and both of which you are paying for by the pound). Producers have found a cheap way to bulk up the weight of the meat and appeal to people's palates. By USDA guidelines, chicken can contain all these things and still be labeled 100% natural - just not natural chicken.

          I personlly think it's extremely misleading, but the only way to avoid it is to shop carefully and look at labels.