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Most primal salad dressing?

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  • Most primal salad dressing?

    If I'm at a restaurant and I order a salad, what is the most primal dressing I can order?

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    "Primal salad dressing". That has an odd ring. I doubt anyone who actually was "primal" ever used salad dressing. Most of their fat intake would have come from animal carcases.

    There's no reason you shouldn't, though. What's best nutritionally would be one you mix yourself. Any commercial product will likely have unsuitable vegetable oils in it, added sugar and other sweeteners, and will probably be cheapened with water, and have a bunch of added stabilizers, "flavourings" and preservatives. Best avoided. Unfortunately, some restaurants will probably just use commercial preparations out of a bottle.

    It may be best to order the salad without dressing. You might try asking for olive oil and wine vinegar and sprinkle them on yourself. Some places will have them in cruets. It's said that one should go easy on monosaturated fats, such as olive oil - saturated fats are better - but it's fine in moderation, and the classic when it comes to dressing salads.


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      Here is a Thai/Laos salad dressing for that you can "almost" make at a restaurant and that I enjoy when my parents make it. I do it myself when eating out and it may look funny to a restaurant patron but hey, I gotta get my own you know what I mean.

      These are the full ingredients lists if anyone happens to want to make it at home, just minus the processed ingredients.


      * 2 hard-boiled eggs
      * 6 Tbsp of vegetable oil. (type and style is a personal preference)
      * 1 Tbsp minced garlic
      * 1 tsp Palm sugar, juggery or brown sugar
      * 5 Tbsp lemon juice
      * 1 Tbsp fish-sauce


      1. Remove the yolks and mash them finely.
      2. Add the sugar, lemon juice and fish-sauce and mix well.
      3. Beat in the garlic and oil.
      4. Toss this with your salad pressing the salad ingredients lightly together.

      Credit to ediblyasian

      And heres a link to another site that has pictures of how it should look Pics

      Method at restaurant:

      Of course, your going to have to order your own eggs, but its fairly simple. Order hard boiled eggs, peel, cut eggs, remove yolk, mash yolk and mix with olive oil. If you allow salt in your diet, then add but I don't. Add remaining eggs and pour over salad.

      Hope that made sense..


      *edit* fix link


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        I ask for a side of olive oil and a side of balsamic vinegar. If they don't have the vinegar, I'll just use some olive oil. That's genearlly how I dress salads at home too...dump on a tbsp of BV and a tbsp of EVOO.
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          Balsamic vinegar often has sugar. Not saying you should not consume it but be aware that it contributes to your daily carbs.

          A substitute for any vinegar is a squeeze of lime or lemon juice.
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            Extra virgin olive oil and balasmac vinegar or lemon juice.


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              I ask for oil and vinegar and just use the vinegar. I never trust what oil they give me.
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                I just use what they have for sald dressing that I like. If that is the only down fall to your program you are well within the 80% rule. I hold myself to a strict standard all the time so when I am faced with a decision such as this I just roll with it.


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                  Could you fix a small container of dressing that you could carry with you? Tupperware used to have (still may--havne't purchased Tupperware for years) small dressing containers, about the size of a shot glass. That way, you are sure of what you are getting. This is what I am going to do--because the last 2 times I have eaten salad out, I have had such a reaction that I am sure that there was something that affected me, from MSG to ?? I had my ankles and feet swell up like I was 12 month pregnant!
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                    A warm bacon dressing cooked in duck fat with lemon, garlic and thyme........sorry I made that at home...the guy at the restaurant laughed at me, thought I was joking....I did say he could sub the duck fat with any animal fat, but I got a blank stare. What's the world coming to?
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