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  • eating more then less then more then less...

    There's been a bit of talk about calorie deficits and carb refeeds lately. I'm one of those trying to loose a few pounds (15ish), and I've been pretty steadily eating on a calorie deficit for the past month, and I've finally lost around 3 pounds.

    But the other day, I was voracious, so I ate way more than normal. The following day I was not very hungry, not surprisingly, so I ate little. Fine. But now, I ate a lot again. Tomorrow I'll probably be less hungry and eat less..

    See, I'm just wondering if I'm getting into a cycle here. Is it good to change things up calorie-wise every other day to a large degree, or better to keep things steady?

    I should add, I've got some thyroid/metabolism (hypo) issues I have yet to address.

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    I don't know for certain but I think it would probably be a good thing. Eat when hungry and then til satisfied. If a pattern emerges with good results, great.


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      The literature on alternate day fasting and protein cycling seems to suggest that a less regular pattern is metabolically better for your body. When we follow the exact same pattern every day, our bodies seem to adapt quickly and start to do things more efficiently. Thus, I think shaking it up day to day is a good thing. That said, if you feel good and are getting the results you want, I think that's the most important thing.


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        @ Beauty - Don't see anything wrong with "zig-zag" consumption. Think about our hunter gatherer ancestors...when they made a kill they would feast, but those did not happen often and pickin's were slim. I think our genes don't expect or need consitency.

        That said, monitor your results over the span of a month or more and see what your body is telling you.
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