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Additives in my supplements

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  • Additives in my supplements

    There's maltodextrin in my probiotics; Soyalecithin in my Vitamin E; and Safflower oil in my Vitamin D.

    I thought I was doing well by finding supplements free from sugar, starch, and gluten. I have quite a sensitive digestive track (permeable intestines) which allows all sorts of toxins to enter my bloodstream. Advice is much appreciated...

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    I think that opinions vary concerning what are the really harmful vs. ok additives to supplements. I've read varying things about magnesium stearate, for instance, and am not sure what the truth is. However, it seems like even the best-quality supplements tend to have some of these questionable components, so I cross my fingers and hope that these manufacturers wouldn't be selling us harmful components.

    Do you have an official diagnosis of leaky gut syndrome? Do you know specifically which fillers/ingredients you're supposed to avoid, as a result?

    I just checked out my Vitamin D bottle, and it contains olive oil, gelatin, glycerine and water. If you're interested, it's Healthy Origins brand (comes in various IU, this one is 5,000):

    Here is the probiotic that cillakat and many others swear by, which doesn't contain maltodextrin:

    Primal Defense probiotic

    There appear to be several manufacturers who make Vitamin E without soy lecithin, including Healthy Origins.

    If you search around the iHerb site, you can locate versions of your supplements that don't contain the soy and other objectionables. The solace is, once you locate "clean" versions of each of your supplements, you can stick with them and not have to constantly be researching alternatives.


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      Instead of opening a new thread I thought I'd just use this one:

      I wanted to try supplementing Magnesium and Zinc, but the only affordable options I found contain magnesium stearate. Now I've read several things about it, some claim it's totally ok, some claim it only slows absorption, and some claim it's pretty bad due to it being produced using hydrogenated vegetable oils. (the horror!!11 ;] )

      So does anyone know anything about it? The variant of the supplement I'm looking at without the magnesium stearate costs twice as much.