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what creatures do you eat?

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  • what creatures do you eat?

    I am, admittedly, a creature of habit and I have my food "staples"...but I've been looking at my foods lately a little more critically & trying to tweak for the better. I'm wondering if I am eating too much Omega 6! I can't afford pasture/grass fed anything on a regular basis so its all conventionally raised. But i eat chicken all day every day and I honestly never tire of it, but maybe this habit is not so good for me! Oh sure Ill occasionally eat an omelette or some steak, venison if I can get my hands on it but chicken is my every day go-to protein.

    So I was wondering, what is YOUR go-to protein of choice?
    (i'm wondering if folks who tend to eat more steak, or fish etc are experiencing more health benefits than someone who eats only chicken -points to myself-)

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    I keep the fridge stocked with local grassfed beef and a sh*t-ton of wild salmon. those two things are always there.

    I have no problem spending lots of money on food.

    chicken everyday is probably not good..............I would recommend cutting your chicken consumption in half and eating fish and beef more. That being said, I am having chicken tonight!


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      Beef is my fall back. Hazard of living in West TX. Especially now that I've found local grass fed beef. If it's not beef, then it's organic eggs or chicken.
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        well i DID start removing the chicken skin (apparenlty high in O-6) and putting pasture-raised boar bacon on top instead to keep the meat moist.

        how primal "kosher" is canned tuna?


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          pretty much in that order. Not much chicken anymore. With a 1/2 cow of local, grassfed beef in the deep freeze, that's mostly what's for dinner...and lunch. LOL

          I do not eat any kind of seafood. It makes me gag. blech.
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            I eat creatures of habit

            Mainly beef, fish, elk, and bison. Of course I'll eat venision if I can find some, and pretty much anything that eats grass exclusively. Chicken and pork are ideally a once a week thing for me but sometimes it's more.

            I'm still trying to catch one of those rabbits. There is an explosion of baby rabbits where I live and so in a few weeks it will be hunting season. I think I need a bow, though.

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              Originally posted by LittleNappingLion View Post

              how primal "kosher" is canned tuna?
              if its wild and the only ingredients are tuna and water then i say eat it up


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                We eat beef, chicken, pork and fish. Grass fed is completely out of our budget right now, though. We probably eat chicken the most, followed by pork.


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                  Mostly grass fed lamb and beef, along with range fed pig and chicken. Elk and venison, if I can get it.
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                    I've been eating lots of ground beef lately, less chicken and pork. Lamb legs once in a while. Eggs ALL THE TIME


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                      I like to mix my protein up to prevent boredom.

                      Lots of steak .... grassfed when I can get it (thanks to naiadknight for pointing me in the right direction for our local Farmer's Markets).
                      Lots of fish, particularly salmon
                      A little pork, a little chicken and bacon .... depends what I crave when I go shopping each week.

                      And I eat a lot of eggs, one pack of 12 a week usually.
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                        Beef, beef, salmon, beef, lamb, beef, chicken, beef, BACON, beef, beef fried in BACON grease, shrimps, beef.

                        baby back ribs.

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                          We've discovered the Farmer's Market lately and have been eating all sorts of creatures. It is quite a bit more than you would pay at the grocery store for conventional meats though, which kinda sucks considering meat is more expensive to begin with. I'm looking forward to getting our house (being built) so that I can get a deep freeze and buy some chicken and pork in bulk directly from the farms.

                          List (most eaten at the top):
                          Chicken and eggs
                          Other fish
                          Beef - s/o can't digest it so we don't have it very much

                          It's more expensive than conventional, but I figure we're eating out a lot less than we used to so I'm thinking we're saving money that way too.


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                            alligator...if you need something new yum.

                            most beef/eggs....seafood is to expensive and MS is being hard hit by the oil spill so i am iffy about buying any 'fresh' gulf seafood.
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                              Grassfed ground beef (my every day go-to protein), pork tenderloin, bacon, and chicken. I also have canned tuna but that's just for me, not for anyone else (nobody else in my house will touch fish of any kind). When I go out to eat, I have steak whenever possible.
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