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    I have been visiting the farmers market a lot more recently and asking the farmers lots of questions. My conclusion is that just about everyone feeds there chickens at least a little grain. Most of the time they are out in the grass eating the grass, worms, bugs, dirt, etc. But all seem to feed there chickens at least a little grain.

    Is this ok? I believe so. But, I want YOUR opinion. I have yet to find a farm that says yea, our chickens are 100% grass fed. Only cows seem to be this way...
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    I think I've heard the same. And I think this is OK since they are "birds".


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      i live in ohio and have access to 100% grass fed poultry. it's a bit more pricey and less fat. we buy it occasionally, but usually buy the organic free range. you'll be fine as long as you know who you're getting it from. that's the cool thing about farmers markets. enjoy!
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        The modern farm chicken is a bit of an abomination, especially the conventional ones with massive jugs. I'm not entirely sure what feeding all grains compared to just some grains does to chickens, it is a really under-studied topic. Feed cows tons of corn to fatten them and they don't actually produce more arachionic acid per gram of fat, only more fat total. It does destroy some of their other healthful benefits. and it depletes the omega 3 content, which I would expect to be the case with chickens. Although I doubt chickens would have much omega 3 potential in the first place.

        I hate to be so wishy-washy but anything I tell you would be a guess. I don't really eat chicken myself. I don't suppose it would make too much of a difference but I don't really know what difference there would be to make in the first place.
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          i throw a bit of scratch grain out for my chickens now and again. they get very excited when i do. but most of the time they just roam around my orchard eating grass and bugs for me.


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            Thanks for your input guys. The response has been what I expected. I won't worry about birds being fed a little grain but I will still prefer the ones that are free to roam around a large area of grass so they can eat plenty of grass, bugs, and worms.
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              Feeding an all-grain diet to chickens will give them liver disease.

              However, some grain is almost always necessary just to get enough calories into them. That is, most people simply don't have the resources (like a big pasture and mobile chicken house) to let the birds roam adequately to get enough true free-range feed.

              I give my chickens some non-medicated, commercial feed but supplement as much as possible with grass, weeds, and kitchen scraps. They particularly like fish, so I've asked my SO to keep the trash fish for them. Someone once told me that sprouted sunflower seeds did wonders for her chickens, but I have yet to find an affordable source of sunflower seeds in my area.

              In short, I think you do the best you can and you'll be WAY ahead of Tyson breasts any day.
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                The eggs I buy are from chickens that wander all day outside, they are fed a bit of grain and scratch....but a good deal of their food is insects and grasses and scraps. Their property is not big enough to be no grain. The one thing this farmer does do is avoids feeding any soy....that was the one thing that made me pick them over a couple other options.
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