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How can it be that I don't have any cravings?

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  • How can it be that I don't have any cravings?

    So I'm a 41 year old woman who has lived through many, many diets and "lifestyle changes". I went about 70% primal 3 weeks ago, 80% last week, and the plan was 90% primal this week. I have 1-2 servings of dairy a day, and a bit of quality dark chocolate every day or two. 2-3 times a week nothing but Diet Pepsi will satisfy my desert (104 degrees today) thirst. I've cut out all grains and potatoes and other sources of sugar.

    How in the world is it that I'm on day two of my period with no cravings for salty, crunchy, carby stuff?

    Today was very stressful, because I had a bad reaction to a pesticide used in my office and I had to leave at 11:00 a.m. I came home, and I made a taco salad. No chips, no crackers, no curry with white rice! A good, primal taco salad.

    Then I had a dinner of straight up NY strip steak with some cheese "crackers". I never, ever would have thought I wouldn't have cravings at my time of the month and during a high stress situation, but here I am, eating meat, veggies and dairy. No potato chips, no cinnamon toast, no ice cream, no pizza. To fee indulgent I ate a frozen tablespoon of coconut oil

    It's kinda freaky, but awesome!!!
    Food should be fun--Thomas Keller

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    Astonishing and wonderful, isn't it?

    Some of my clothes are fitting looser, but I do get muscle cramps and have to add back some carbs.


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      Yep, yep. Primal foods are just so much better.

      I've just been away and was going to really 'let loose' for the week but apart from alcohol, I just didn't really want any of the non-primal options. Luckily there was usually something suitable on the menu - had a wonderful steak, some Irish stew and a chicken dish while I was away. I had a hashbrown instead of toast with my eggs and bacon , that and french fries were probably the least primal I got. On the last day I had a 'churro', a Spanish doughnut with custard, which I'd never seen before, and later a piece of apple pie and custard for dessert at my family's home. Paying for those today with the return of the chronic gut pain that I used to have pre-primal. Boy was I SO glad to get home - I was looking forward to a home-made coffee with cream!
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        I found eating the dark chocolate killed cravings for me. Now I feel sick if I even think about that poison!


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          I've tried low carb before, and I experienced a lot of cravings then. I think maybe it helps this time that I'm not thinking about this as a weight loss plan (though I need to lose a lot), but rather as a healthy lifestyle adjustment.

          It still kills me after being a good doobie eating 4-6 servings of grains or potatoes a day for the last 20 years, that within 3 weeks I don't have a desire for that stuff any more. I didn't clean out my house, because I figured I could fed the left over crackers and cereal to friends or family when they visit. It is astonishing to me that those crackers no longer call my name.

          I love it!
          Food should be fun--Thomas Keller


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            I don't have any cravings either. When I was vegetarian, I had meat cravings - intense enough that I had dreams about biting into raw, bleeding meat. Now that I've given up grains and bread - nothing. I don't miss grains. I still have a whole bunch of buckwheat in my pantry that I don't know what to do with anymore - not even a bit of a temptation to use it. Moreover, there are two packages of cookies in my pantry as well; zero interest. I'll throw them out eventually.


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              You will notice that pretty much all 'comfort food' is a starch or a sugar. After a short time on this diet I noticed that all my cravings seemed to have to do with sugars/carbs. Somehow veggies and protein never were part of that - hmmmm.... I also no longer associate food with emotion - and I didn't even realize how much I did. But I noticed that when I wanted pasta, bread, whatever.. that it was not really physical hunger that was talking - it was the emotional part of my brain wanting to feel 'full'. Now that my hunger and cravings are no longer a funtion of my fluctuating blood sugar it's so much easier to make the differentiation between emotional hunger and physical hunger.

              I agree - very liberating!