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Not healthy for 14 year old??

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  • Not healthy for 14 year old??

    An overweight kid was on a mission to get healthy and lose body fat. He started Crossfit and his trainer put him on the Paleo diet.

    Not long after a supervising Dr. gave the Crossfit trainer hell because apparently Paleo (caveman) eating isn't healthy for a 14 year old.

    I am guessing he wants him to eat more grains (not real food) and drink more milk (besides the fact that no mammal ingests milk post infancy) in order to lose the 'overweightness' he has at age 14.

    The retort that was given (not by the Dr. but someone in support of that) was: 'oh yeah, how long did those cavemen live?'

    Woohoo! We are living longer but we are all fat and the projection in that movie Wall-E is coming to fruition!

    The more you listen to CW, the more you want to kick those people in the shins.

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      i love the part where people say "oh well, cave men only lived to be like, 25 years old or something right?"

      uh, HELLO?!!? they lived among the animals and had to deal with predators, inclement weather, landslides, serious injury (a broken bone meant STARVATION) among many other hazards. yes, their life expectancy was lower, but for completly different reasons.

      part of the reason we can live so long today, even when we cram ourselves full of grains and other toxins, is because of the dietary choices our primal ancestors made to have the best gene expression. Our bodies are so strong......we have 1000 times more toxins to deal with than our primal ancestors, but it was their dietary choices (eating meat and fat and organs of animals) that have allowed us to become this strong !!!! that, coupled with advances in medicine and technology, have allowed for many unhealthy people to remain alive. we have the ability to do heart transplants, for godsakes!! we can start over with a completely NEW heart!!! we are perfectly preserving our disgusting bodies through big pharma. yay!


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        Ugh, I hate that caveman lifespan argument. Infant mortality drags down average life expectancy figures in a hurry, but they're just figures. Infant mortality may have been high, but those who survived were as fit as fit can be. Deaths were not due to malnutrition any more than in any other animal population.
        You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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          This attitude people seem to have towards children and health is bizarre. Many will contend that "they're young and resilient" and so it's okay to load them up with sugar and fast food. But take away that good good wholesome milk and grains and it's apparently not appropriate for a 14 year old because apparently it will stunt their growth.



          I mean the attitude that grains and milk are just so so good that no kid should be without them, and oh of course intolerances that cause digestive destruction and psychological impairment are just fantasy unless of course it's 100% celiac or lactose intolerance. In which case there are probably some pills that they can take for it.

          Fucking idiots.


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          Stabbing conventional wisdom in its face.

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            I send them here

            ......and then kick them in the shins.


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              Very sad. I appreciate our little reality here where we all do LC/Primal and the Grandparents respect it and don't feed my kids junk, etc. I do what I can to raise a new generation with a different awareness. I am very lucky that I was raised by a hippie. My Mom grew my veg in her own garden, and never gave me the CW speech. She knew sugar was bad, not the fat (just took me a few decades to break the spell that damn sugar had on me). I look forward to being around to see my Grandkids grow up eating healthier than even my kids did/are.
              Just because the rest of the world doesn't follow suit, doesn't mean we can't create the ideal.
              I, for one, feel that kids and pregnant women should eat healthier than even the rest of us do. They are growing new life and creating the bodies they are going to have to live in for the rest of their lives.
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                People confuse "How long they lived" with "Average Life Expectancy At Birth" all the time. Avg life expectancy at birth was low for a couple of reasons. The biggest factor was infant mortality due to birth defects or infection. It's believed that 50% of people died before they reached age 5. Throw into the mix the number of environmental stressors and regular old infections, and you get a lower average. Those who survived these things lived "well into their 60's and 70's." (Dr. W. Meller "Evolution Rx").

                So I would argue this low number seen in the Paleolithic has been adjusted because of medicine and our abilities to adapt our environments to meet our personal needs and protect us.

                Zorba - Where did you hear this story?
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                  When I was 10 or 11, I weighed 135 pounds at 5 foot 4. I'm now 5' 5" on a good day. The doctor was appalled at my weight, and I got a lecture on food. He showed me his precious 10-year-old weight tables. He deliberately tried to scare me. He also tried to make it kid-friendly, and at some point said, "Apples are healthy. Do you like to eat apples?" I said, "Only with peanut butter."

                  Again--utter dismay on his part. Way too much fat, way too many calories. My introduction to hard-core conventional wisdom.

                  Truth--peanuts may not be perfect, but fat and protein blunt the insulin response. My body was right. And the next 30 years of conventional diets and failures have contributed to insulin resistance, obesity, and diabetes. I still curse that man--for the psychological impact more than anything, but anyway...

                  The truth he SHOULD have told me was, "You're still a child, but your body is grown up now. Don't eat more than you
                  re hungry for and make sure you go out and have some fun exercise every day, because you're at your adult weight."

                  I was smart enough to handle it. I would have handled it better than what he said, for sure.


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                    Originally posted by barryman9000 View Post

                    Zorba - Where did you hear this story?
                    A friend of mine produces a TV show in Canada where they take on a fat family and try to make them healthy. The Dr. works for the tv show. He was 'looking out for the best interest of the health of the participants' apparently.

                    Apparently the kid looked amazing after it was all said and done. Whether or not he was 'allowed' to stick to the Paleo diet, I am not sure.

                    A couple of side notes: A few years ago my dad had a minor heart attack (he was a heavy smoker and had a decent sized belly), and as a result had a stent put in. While he was in intensive care, he was on a 'heart smart' diet. At the time I wasn't aware of the caveman way of eating and it all sounded good to me: low fat cereal, whole wheat bread, low fat yogurt, and on it goes.

                    When he got home and he would slather his food in olive oil (straight from our own olives/olive trees in Greece--my uncle harvests the olives and he ships over loads of olives and oil every year) we would say to him: 'dad, that isn't very heart smart'.

                    Not heart smart my arse. They dr's and nurses feed heart patients food that make them have heart troubles! Conspiracy or just dumb?

                    It is an uphill climb convincing people when their dr.'s will want to continue to convince them grains are good.

                    Last night I was talking to a friend on facebook and he said he was on a real healthy/organic kick lately. I asked him what he was eating and he said: loads of grains and tons of fruit. *facepalm*. I quickly pasted some links to this site. Hopefully he will read them and learn a thing or too...pudgy little guy that he is.


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                      At 14, my father put me on a low carb diet and a regimen of exercise. I was some 30 lbs overweight. By the next summer I was 125 lbs and we hiked 7 miles up into the mountains on vacation. I carried my own pack. I'd say it was pretty healthy and definately good for me. I only wish I had maintained that way of eating. Hindsight.
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