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Are we all the same???

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  • Are we all the same???

    After reading many of these threads for several weeks, it seems that anyone with success think that their way works the same for everyone. I think the 20% thing can be interpreted in many ways. I too have drank the PB Koolaid & stand on a soapbox. I find that many people respond to questions implying to people that they are wrong, & that its my way or the highway attitude. I think a natural athlete (Mark being a great example) can easily walk away from food, metabolize it quickly, & not have it run their lives. Others like myself have major issues with food, be it emotional eating or "ghost hunger".(not sure if its genetics or mother issues) Portion control & calorie counting can be very important tools. All of you "normal" people out there please try to understand that we all think & act different. If I am guilty of doing the very same thing that I am ranting about, than I appoligize. This thread is not aimed @ the majority of members. Grok on with understanding..please
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    We are not the same. Please stop making blanket statements as if they apply to all of us. I like gluconeogenesis as a form of repair and healing. I like long fasts. I like very low carbs. I like nuts. They have helped me enormously. I like dairy fat. It doesn't bother me. I am losing weight at a ridiculous pace and my health metrics are all looking fantastic. I wouldn't recommend what I am doing to anyone though.

    Edit: I have no doubt, nor does anyone around me, that I have gained significant muscle in ketosis for the past couple months. Especially in my legs and shoulders.


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      No, we're not all the same and not only that, but we all change and things that may have worked previously may or may not continue to work. My advice always comes from what has been working for me and everyone needs to find what works from the at that particular time in their lives. I would never say anything given path is right or wrong. I'm happy with what I'm doing and it's working for me right now though.


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        This diet feels like Rocket Science sometimes to me vs when I did Atkins 6 yrs ago and dropped 30lbs. Now I vaguely remember how many months it took for me to lose that much weight but somehow this feels a bit slower. This time around I am only looking to lose 10-15lbs, or 10 achieve the grokette body. My skinny jeans were a pair that I had when I weighed my lowest on Atkins but I'm still squeezing into them.

        Atkins was easy - 1 rule - aim for <20 g Net Carbs a day. Exercise not necessary.

        PB is full of so many questions!! Should I cut out dairy? Wine? Nuts? Should I do a weekly carb refeed? Omega 6/ Omega 3 ratio? Should I be doing workouts as intense as Crossfit or is what I'm doing ok? Why did I gain weight this week when I took this or that out? Argh!


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          And our bodies change and ask for different things all the time. I can go days with just and apple as my fruit intake and no dariry and then bam! Yesterday and today that's all I've wanted. Blueberries and cherries and goat yogurt oh my! I'm writing it all down because it's such a swing from my meat and veggies but my body is trying to tell me something clearly
          I think there are common threads in this way of living for sure but details like nuts and dairy and wine etc seem to effect people differently and at that too can change. Dogmatic lectures really don't aid the digestion for anyone and we're all here to feel better right? Grok on my dears
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            i think part of the success of the PB is that we are all--well, mostly all--biologically similar. not the same, mind you...just similar. there is a part of my mind that wants to be told exactly what to eat to achieve the best results in all areas. i've tried things like that before, and for me it didn't work out. the 80/20 rule, and figuring out what works best for me, are the things that keep me motivated and learning. it took me a while to meander though all the conflicting advice and pull out the truth that applies to (almost) everybody and make it work for me. because it's true, we're not all the same. it's amazing how little things can make pretty good sized differences, like how much money you make or where you live or what you do for a job.