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Help! - GF has hormone problems, can PB help?

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  • Help! - GF has hormone problems, can PB help?

    Hello Everyone

    I recently started dating a girl, and while not primal herself, she fully supports and understands my lifestyle (she gets HUGE points for that one!) Here's the deal (WARNING< GETTING A LITTLE GRAPHIC)

    Apparently she has a recurring problem with her period, or more specifically, bleeding. She has been perpetually bleeding for a few months straight, not a full blown period, but more like a steady drip, in addition to her usual period.

    Shes gone to the doctor before, and doctor recommended she "shock" her system - take a bunch of birth control pills for 5 days straight, which in my mind probably looked like a small nuclear bomb to her hormones.

    That worked momentarily, but now its started again.

    Would switching over to a primal lifestyle work for her? My intuition says yes, but I am a guy so I can only assume so much - ladies, any insights on this?

    Thanks everyone!

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