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  • What should I eat?

    I'm eating a ketogenic diet, but I am absolutely sick of the food I'm eating. The smell of bacon and eggs makes me want to puke, and fatty cuts of meat smothered in butter grosses me out. I didn't even want to eat today (Still got in 1,000 calories, though ). So, any ideas of what I could eat? Should I drop the keto stuff, and just eat 50-100 carbs? I'm very active, so I kind of need to eat, but I feel like I'm forcing myself. There is absolutely nothing that sounds better to me right now then a huge glass of milk, and some curried veggies. I have a pretty speedy metabolism (I lost more then 2 pounds a week on a carby vegan diet, and on 1,800 calories, no less), but am worried about how much not being in ketosis would set me back. But honestly, I don't think I could eat the way I'm eating for any extended amount of time. It already makes me feel sick to my stomach, I'm starting to have trouble keeping my meals down XD

    Any suggestions? Thanks, guys!

    Eh, I don't have much weight to lose. Mostly just vanity pounds. I can fit into a juniors size 7, which I guess would equate to about a 6 in woman's. I want to get rid of my belly flab, which is quickly vanishing eating primal >.>
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    Do you need to lose weight?

    Ketosis + 1000 calories is going to mess you up pretty bad, especially if you are active. There is no reason to go that extreme. I've been there and done that.

    Eat what you're craving, have a balanced diet, but just don't go overboard.
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