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  • Need Help GAINING Weight

    I've been following the primal plan since March pretty hardcore.

    For height I'm 5'6''. When I started primal I was 130lbs. When I wasn't primal, I hovered between 130 and 140 for years. This was also with very little physical activity. Most of my time was spent in front of a computer (still this way).

    Since March I have lost about 20lbs. My doctor says I am now underweight.

    So I am trying to put on weight. I eat about 2 meals a day (been this way for years and years).

    I need some suggestions on what I can do to get more calories into my diet, but not have it mean to spend most of my day constantly eating.

    I have contemplated bringing in more carbs (bread) to see if I can gain some weight back.

    Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!

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    did you read this?

    how much are you eating per meal? you dont necessarily have to increase meal frequency, but the size of the meals you have.

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      If you want more carbs, go for a sweet potato or some winter squash, definitely not bread. If you want more calories, drink some heavy cream (definitely helped me gain) or coconut milk or mix them in with some fruit, etc. Greek yogurt is also pretty calorically dense. You might also want to try weight lifting. That more than anything helped me "fill out". Over the 2+ years that I've been lifting, I've added about 10 lbs. Nothing beats eating a big piece of meat after some heavy lifting... although I generally wait at least 30 minutes after lifting to eat as I'm just not that hungry after intense exercise.


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        Chococornycharms! The breakfast of champions. It's even in line with the USDA food pyramid!

        (disclaimer: dunt actually do that)
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          eat more calores....when you lean and in need of gaining weight, its about calories...def eat more than twice a day.
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