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could it be? just changing diet added muscle?

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  • could it be? just changing diet added muscle?

    I started eating primal abtou 4 weeks ago. i have only lost about five lbs(175 down to abotu 170), BUT i have dropped nearly 3 pants sizes. before i was having a hard time getting into my pants which are 32" waist. after four weeks i can fit in some old 29" pants. people have noticed and commented that i lost weight. coudl losign just five lbs explain that? I have not really been doing any exercises untill today, therefore i woudl not expect to have been able to add any muscle (assuming it took losign more than 5 lbs of fat to have the noticible change) could eating this way change my body composition in such a way that it wants to add muscle?

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    I've been into fitness my whole life, and a year ago I would have laughed at the idea that changing diet could build muscle and drop fat at the same time, but after seeing results identical to yours in myself and friends/family, I can't argue with the results. Everyone will tell you that you need a caloric surplus to build muscle, and a deficit to burn fat, so it's impossible to do both, but that's not taking into account all the hormonal activity in the body. My guess is that when you remove all the antinutrients etc. from your diet, your gut can properly absorb nutrients, and stops needing to repair all the damage constantly being inflicted by those foods, so your body modifies it's nutrient partitioning to be more favorable.

    Terrible sentence structure I know. My bad.


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      thanks for the confirmation mike. dont mind the grammar, its just the internet after all, lol