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Does anyone take liquid iron supplements?

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  • Does anyone take liquid iron supplements?

    I've noticed on fit day that I'm barely hitting 50% RDA for iron. I'm a 33 yr old female and I lift 3x/week, do yoga, and sprint once a week. Should I be concerned that my iron is so low. I eat plenty of protein and fat.

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      Are you symptomatic for anemia? Had low ferritin?

      Raw egg yolks are a great source of heme iron, which is absorbed WAY better than non-heme (non animal source) types. ProFerrinES is a good-albeit a little pricey-supplement too. Liquid heme iron supps can turn your teeth black (which is OH so sexy!) and nonheme aren't absorbed terribly well, but that said, I know a lot of ladies who love floradix (I think that's the name of it).

      Vitamin C should be taken with, of course. And minerals like calcium/magnesium should be taken away from Fe supps.
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        Thank you SO much!! I'm currently eating about 4 eggs a day. I don't believe I am symptomatic for anemia but I do feel fatigued from time to time. I sleep 8 hours and work out (lift, walk, sprint, yoga). I also have a 4year old that I am at home with full time so that could be it too!