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  • Question on "The Zone"

    I've seen the "Zone" mentioned here in the threads and also on RObb Wolf's site. Is this the same as the Sears "The Zone DIet"? If not could someone enlighten me. Also, what exactly is the Sear's Zone Diet?

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    Yeah, it's just commonly known as the Zone. There are plenty of athletes that eat primal foods (or paleo) but in Zone proportions. Go to if you wants specifics...its easier to read it there than it is for me to repeat it here. It can seem kind of confusing, but the zone is about eating the macronutrients in proportions/combinations that minimize blood-sugar spikes/crashes at which point you are in "the zone".

    personally, the zone made me irritable b/c it was too damn confusing & i'm not that organized! I like to mush all my ingredients into one pot to cook & cook in huge quantity for the week, but I found it far too complicated to do while having to measure how many cups of x y or z go with my 3 blocks of chicken etc. But some folks LOVE it, so its just what works for you!


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      Thanks a lot!! I will check out the site.


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        LittleNappingLion, I understand what you mean about being confused by the Zone's "block" system. I followed The Zone plan for several years, but being similar to yourself, I never got to the point where I calculated blocks or did calculations. For everyone's reference, the easiest way to create a Zone-portioned meal is:

        -- choose a piece of good-quality (i.e., non-processed) protein about the size of the palm of your hand (for males, ~4 oz., for females, ~3 oz.)
        -- after your protein is on your plate, fill the rest of your plate with colorful, non-starchy vegetables
        -- add some healthy fat -- avocado, olive oil, etc., and take fish oil caps with each meal
        -- if you're still hungry after the meal, you can have fruit (preferably berries or melon) for dessert

        There are many similarities between The Zone and PB, and I've been very happy when following The Zone for the past years. However, I have become disappointed with Barry Sears and The Zone more recently; he has moved away from encouraging eating whole/real foods, and started promoting a lot of (proprietary) processed foods that he says are low-glycemic-index, but nevertheless are synthetic garbage...