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transition to primal one day a week?

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  • transition to primal one day a week?


    I've been primal/paleo since March and it's been going great. So much so that my girlfriend is thinking about dipping her feet into the water and seeing how she likes it.

    So my question is - she's thinking of trying PB-style eating one day a week, would this be a good thing or not? I guess my concern is that if she goes to a high fat diet once a week, her metabolism/insulin from the rest of the week is going to carry over and she's going to gain weight. Or am I wrong, and the Primal-meals will keep her insulin low and this will be a good thing?


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    In all likelihood 1 day per week probably won't have much effect, positive or negative. How long does she plan to do Primal just 1 day per week?
    1 day/week won't give her body time to adjust to dietary changes, but long term it might have some effect on her metabolism, insulin response, etc not sure what that effect would be exactly - Probably not much different from people who eat a high carb, high fat SAD-ish diet I suspect.

    If she finds Primal appealing after a couple weeks I would start encouraging her to make more days Primal or just go for the gold.


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      she most likely wouldn't notice any benefits and may notice weight gain going that way. I'd recommend she hit it from a different tactic and remove one problem "food" at a time: wheat, sugar, corn, beans, etc. while upping her fat intake each time she removes a food. It's still not ideal, but she'd be more likely to notice a difference.
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        I don't see any point in doing it one day a week. In order to feel the benefits one must be primal all the time or at least 80% of the time. Tell her to be primal throughout the week and then she can go back to her old ways during the weekend (if she wants to at that point!)
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          Craaap... that's kind of what I figured. I didn't think it was the best approach, but was kind of hoping it was better than nothing. The thing is, she still "doesn't like" red meat, etc etc... so I think she's trying to ease into this with baby steps. It's all new to me. I went Primal on March 5th and haven't looked back since, so I have no idea how to ease her mind with any of this. But I don't think, even with my results, that she still completely trusts the PB and so she's trying to just sort of give it a shot and see how it is without commiting to anything either way...


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            She's not going to gain weight eating primal one day a week. Not anymore than she would gain weight eating non-primal that is. Unless she's gorging herself on 4-5k calories on the "primal day" which would be really hard to do eating primal then how would it make her gain weight? She might even eat less due to satiety and feel a little thinner the next morning..before going back to regular eating that is. I would encourage her to do it, if that's how she wants to go about it great! once she sees that eating this way one day isn't that hard then she'll want to try it more. I think it's more about the food and transitioning to a different way of eating than expecting to see any health benefits during this experimental phase. I transitioned very slowly into the PB and I never gained weight during the transition, only slowly lost it but I guess everyones starting point is different. Good luck!


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              I'd sit down with her and plan out 2 weeks. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, etc. Then make a couple shopping lists and have food on hand so there's not temptation to cheat. Have her do this for 2 weeks logging how she feels, what she's noticed about her body, hunger, thirst, etc.

              Honestly - that's the amount of time it takes to give it a fair shake. Then after that she can truly evluate how she feels about it and decide what aspects she does and doesn't like. If, after that, she truly feels like it's not for her - then she can at least make that decision based on solid experience and vice versa.

              Sounds like she wants the benefits but really can't conceive of actually commiting to it. She won't really see the effects just 1 day a week. I would also add that if she really can't handle doing this for more than a day then maybe she's not ready.
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                Thanks again. I think it's more of she wants to see what Primal eating is like without actually making the jump. I know a big fear related to it, and it's one you see on the forums here fairly frequently too, is "now what am I supposed to eat?"

                But we spent a lot of yesterday talking about it, and she read through about half of the book last night, and she's going to try it for real now instead. She had a primal smoothie and some tuna for breakfast, will be having a salad with a hardboiled egg for lunch, and dinner is chicken and I forget which kind of vegetable. Sounds good to me.

                So it ended up being a non-issue anyway, but thanks for everyone's responses!