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    I'm trying to lose weight. I've been having difficulty eating. Either I eat too many calories, or too little. Would I be able to lose weight eating 1200-1300 calories/day and doing 45 minutes of Tae Bo and 30 minutes of Pilates three times a week? Do I have enough calories?

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    You don't need to worry about calories so much. It's the carbs that count. Why don't you post a sample of what you would usually eat and we can guide you from there.


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      More accurately, if you are eating enough protein and fat to feel satiated and not overeating you sould not need to worry about calories.

      This is not the same as "Eat all you want and as long as you watch your carbs things will be peachy."
      Don't be a paleotard...


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        Abigail I love how you have shitty weight loss pills and even shittier diet supplements listed in your signature.

        I can't help but believe you are posting just to post those links... so based on your well thought out post, I believe the best bet for you is to cut your caloric intake to about 500 a day and supplement the rest with whatever they sell from

        edit: I don't want to be a complete dick, so help us by posting your height/weight/age/if you are primal/anything and then I think there are a number of people here who will gladly help you!


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          It's not all about carbs. If only that were true...

          A lot of things are important:

          Omega balance
          -1:1 is ideal
          Enough of all nutrients
          -Most people are deficient in iodine which is important for your thyroid
          Exercise (to retain muscle mass)
          -Weight lifting
          -Has high thermic effect and builds/retains muscle mass
          Metabolism (calorie reduction over a period of time will slow down metabolism)
          -Calorie cycling seems to prevent this
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