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  • my BIG dumb question of the day!

    While reading all the threads I always see comments like, "I personally can't digest x" and "personally, x gives me trouble" my big dumb question is: How can you tell what you have trouble digesting?

    Seriously, if I don't feel well after a meal I can't figure out what caused it. So how do YOU folks know???

    Do you suspect a food and then test? Do you get gas? Or headaches? Can you only tell if you REALLY can't digest something or even just a little?

    How long after ingesting a problem food do you get symptoms?

    I know of one food that doesn't love me back (eggplant, makes my lips burn like crazy), so I know that there are foods that don't agree with me. I just would like to have a better idea if there are more out there! Thanks everyone!

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    Well, we've eliminated a lot of stuff and when we venture back to them with our 20% we learn stuff. I handle dairy and a small amount of grains nicely. Sugar kicks my butt.


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      Well, I was having issues, so what I did was to try an elimination diet. You can google it, but the idea is you eliminate all the stuff that could cause problems... eggs, beans, what, dairy, etc. For 30 days... then you add things back in one at a time. Like dairy for a couple of weeks. And since you haven't had it in a month you can really notice a difference. I found that wheat (duh!), some dairy (cottage cheese especially) and beans really didn't react well (i.e. instant bloating)... it gives you a real feel for what irritates you.

      My thought would be if you're having those kind of problems (bloating, upset tummy) an elmination diet would be the best thing to figure out exactly what's going on...
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        Before I cut out grains, I had diarreah pretty much daily.

        Given that this particular way of eating eliminates a lot of sugars/grains, it wasn't hard to figure out that the naughty bite of "X" that had me doubled over in pain 20 minutes later and diarreah for two days straight was the culprit.

        I had no idea I was sensitive to grains. Until I cut them out.
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          I've been at this for so many years that some things just become apparent. After many meals of lean protein and vegetables, it's easy to tell that it's the potato or wheat that makes me gassy and belly-bloated. As for peppers ... that took me a long time to figure out. I had headaches that corresponded to series' of days when we ate a lot of salsa. I had a weekend long headache while I was canning salsa. But eating tomatos doesn't bother me. Has to be the hot peppers.
          Sort of casual elimination I guess.
          If I continue to have symptoms (headache, uncomfortable gas, arthritic pain, loose stools) I'll eliminate more intentionally. Ya know? check things out that bother other people. If I had debilitating symptoms for no good reason, I'd find a dietary professional to help me with testing.


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            hmm interesting stuff...
            Is it wrong to wish that I had worse instant feedback from things like wheat?! I haven't noticed anything upset if I eat a little piece of sourdough at the italian restaurant (dinner of course is totally primal!) and I kind of wish I did so those things weren't quite so tempting...
            But if I do cheat more than that I do feel really puffy...not bloated, but fat & kinda puffy for days...but its' not painful or anything.


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              Nah, I had a plenty of refined flour based pizza at my kid's birthday party and I was happy not to have issues with it. That's a not a green light for me to start eating a ton of refined carbs though.