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Tailoring Primal eating for a skinny guy

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  • Tailoring Primal eating for a skinny guy

    Hi all, thanks for all the great information and topics on this forum.

    I've been visiting this site for about 6 months. I grabbed The Primal Blueprint and started reading it a few days ago. I agree with everything I've read so far, but I have one concern that I'd be interested to hear all of your input on: What affects could eating Primal do to a very skinny person eating around 100g carbs per day?

    The book seems directed towards folks who are trying to lose weight. I'm 6 feet, 130 pounds, 27 y/o male, upper end of moderately active. I already eat very similar to Primal (except I eat raw dairy from my local farmer, mostly cheese, yogurt and kefir I make myself). I keep noticing that Mark mentions that if you're consuming around 100g carbs daily you will be shedding fat. At my weight this is something I DON'T want to do. So I'm wondering two things:

    1- What benefits does the PB way of eating offer for someone my size (i.e. skinny guy not trying to lose weight).
    2- How (if at all) should I tweak Primal eating considering my size?

    Once in a while I will buy bread from my farmer, mostly because I want to support him as much as possible because he's struggling, so I try to maximize the amount of food I buy from him each week. I enjoy eating it even though I'm on the verge of eliminating all grains. I eliminated sugar 10 months ago, except for eating fruit and maple syrup [I live in NH]. Is it less important to 100% eliminate grain for someone who is not trying to lose weight? My ex-girlfriend always told me that bread was terrible because it puts unnecessary stress on your body since it's difficult to digest. Any comments on that?

    I've always been very skinny throughout the various diets I've eaten. Am I right in thinking that I should be in the 150-200g range for daily carb intake considering my size? If so, what's the best way to obtain those amounts? Should I try to eat more fruit? Is a little bread OK? I usually eat a pretty large kale salad (30-40 minutes to finish it) and I eat onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, pepper with my eggs and burgers. So I'm not sure how many more vegetables I can incorporate in my daily meals.

    Thanks guys.

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    Skinny guy high five. I'm 6ft2 and 147lbs up from 139.

    The benefits you'll get from PB/paleo are mainly health related. The elimination of grains etc. are mainly for health reasons, rather than for fat loss. I got down to 6% bf eating grains and 300g carbs on refeed days and so have countless others. I eat the PB way now because of the health benefits and because I feel better doing it. Also when you're trying to gain weight, increasing calories becomes incredibly easy when fat is on the menu, which is a benefit since I've always found it hard to eat enough to gain.

    As for tweaking your diet, personally I'd say don't be afraid of cycling in higher carb days to coincide with training. Paleo seems to make people afraid of carbs. They are a tool and a useful one, for both fat loss and muscle gain. Mark even wrote about carb refeeds for the purpose of fat loss recently. Your carb intake should suit your goals and activity level. I think 100g is the baseline to be sure you're not in ketosis if I'm remembering that right.

    Oh and the bread thing. Eliminating grains is one of the first steps into paleo/primal, so why not give it a try? I feel better doing it and I'm sure most people eating this way would say the same.

    Anyway good luck with going primal, it sounds like you're basically there anyway!