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Intro: new girl with weight and health issues

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  • Intro: new girl with weight and health issues

    Hello! I'm a 26-year-old female and I recently found PB and MDA, about a couple of months ago. I found Mark's site when I was looking for something similar to low-carb that would help me with my weight and health issues, while not being as processed as the low-carb plans I had tried.

    As far as my weight, I'm not a stranger to lifestyle changes and weight loss. 8 years ago I lost 120 pounds. I did that by doing the simple thing of only eating when I was hungry and quitting before I was full. I ate anything I wanted. My problem was I wasn't happy with my body; I was skinny-fat. I decided to eat less (didn't know about body composition) and eventually was border-line anorexic when I realized I could eat even less, live off of caffeine and toast, and worked a job that required me to walk nearly 5 to 7 miles a day (on my feet all day at a floral shop). At 5' 10" for my build, vanity-wise I looked pretty good at a size 16, 170 lbs.

    Health-wise, during my eating disorder, I contracted West Nile virus, and was later diagnosed with fibromyalgia, as well as had problems with my monthly cycles (too heavy and long). I was put on natural progesterone by my medical doctor. I only took it two months because after I started taking it, I began slowly gaining weight, with no changes in my eating habits or exertion levels at work. Also, my family has a long history of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease on both sides, and many of those cases have led to death. I don't have any of these, but I also don't want any of these things.

    It was after this, I quit my job, started overeating again, and returned to college. I graduated this December with my degree, plus thirty pounds and a wardrobe 2-3 sizes larger. I've still kept nearly 100 pounds off my body, but I'm not exactly where I'd like to be with my body composition. I did manage to lose about 8 pounds since January 2010 by cutting out the overeating/snacking and getting back to my body's hunger-fullness cues. But I gained most of it back when I tried the Protein Power and Atkins plans.

    I would say the gain I experienced when LCing is probably attributed to snacking (I gain when I snack and overeat, I know that) and the over-consumption of dairy products (cream cheese in particular). However, I'm still a bit scared to go full-fledge PB. I will say that since giving up carbs, health-wise I feel better. I don't get the shakes or become light-headed during the day. And I don't have the afternoon brain fog as often or as long as I used to. The only grain carbs I've reintroduced is Ezekial bread - not exactly PB, but I did miss it.

    Sorry for the long intro. If any of you fellow PB have anything to add, please do so!! I would love some input and encouragement, or hearing from some of you have health problems and have found help with PB lifestyle.

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    Hello Keturah!
    I have been a low carber for years now due to health problems, officially 'primal' for about 2 months. The only major difference though between my low carb life and the primal one is that now I stick to the no grains thing 100%. That makes a huge difference in my health issues. I tried to sub things like rice and alternative grains outside of wheat and it just doesn't do me well. I am 100% grain free while primal, and any 'cheats' I might do are a bit of wine, potatoes, and sometimes sugar. Keeping my dairy down a bit helps as well. I just seem to do much better physically that way.

    Rather then go into super detail, if you want to see the health issues I have worked on with low carb to no grains or processed foods check out this forum discussion

    I am still working on some of the 'monthly' issues......they are definitely better while primal/low carb, but I still need some adjustments. I use evening primrose oil with great success (takes a couple cycles to normalize). At the moment though I am not taking it while I test out food changes to see how I do. I am also trying to work on increasing my testosterone production through some of the recommendations through MDA, like sprints and heavy lifting.

    Good luck! I think you will do great if you give the PB lifestyle a full try. Sometimes it takes a bit of tweaking to produce optimal weight loss, but I think you will feel better then ever.
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