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  • Sodium intake

    Can someone tell me if there's a thread on sodium intake? I hate to post a repeat question ... however I've been searching the forums and can't find anything ...

    My question is, how much sodium should I be consuming?

    I have cut out processed foods. I do not add salt to my meals, ever. All sodium comes from the food I eat naturally.

    Today, for example I am eating very well, probably about 95% Paleo .... salads, fruit, eggs, fish, chicken, greens ... yet my sodium according to FitDay is 5x higher than the recommended amount.

    Any ideas? Advice? Or should I not worry about it?

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    If you're not adding any sodium, I woudn't worry about it as it's more about the Na:K ratio. The potassium doc in my sig line has some information that may be helpful

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      Thanks! That helps a lot.

      Today my food (planned and eaten) had a nutrition of 4,830.9mg Potassium and 5,559.5mg Sodium. I'll be watching the nutrient balance on FitDay closely though.


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        Victoria, if you are eating NO processed foods meaning bacon, sausage, canned soups, prepared salad dressings, etc... then it sounds like Fitday has an error which is common. You might want to check the components and see if one had an artificially high sodium entry.


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          The only processed food I had today is 4 rashers of bacon. I will double check the components though to double check.


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            Fitday is inaccurate. Don't worry about it.
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              I'm starting to figure that out! :-) Ah well as long as I focus on my macro-nutrient ratios and eating Paleo as much as possible I figure it'll be good.