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    I, as a personal trainer, usually have my clients take the metabolic test by Dr. Wilcott. It is actually quite specific and thorough.

    I am a HUGELY protein type...score off the charts...whereas MOST are mixed types....but I question all of this a little. The recommendations for a protein type, such as I, is higher fat meats, fruits should only be avacados and olives...vegetables, mostly cauliflower, green beans, spinach etc. Dairy should be high fat. Anyways, when I eat this way, which is essentially how it is here.. (except I know not all do dairry..I just do greek yogurt and a bit of whole fat goat's milk),,,,I lean RIGHT out...instantly...and feel amazing.....a mixed or carb type is supposed to have lower fat dairy and a bit of greens.

    I guess my question is I wonder if there is 'some' merit to the metabolic type way of eating since some people do better following different eating plans? I would prefer just to have all my clients eat this way but am met with SO much resistance when I tell them to STOP buying low fat anything...and just eat real foods!

    I suppose the metabolic type diet way of eating is similar to blood type diets...which is based on where your ancestors were from. Seeing that my blood type is O negative, apparently, I am supposed to eat meat. Also, I also have discussed in great depth with others the alkalinity/ph way of eating which has people not eat so much food that creates too much acid. However, if one eats meat regularly but eats three times or so as much vegetables with the meat it balances the ph of the blood ...and I also question if someone is more of a meat eating type, but attempts to be a vegan, wouldn't the ph of their blood be off just due to not eating appropriately for their metabolism? phew...just rambling here.... just wanted to hear thoughts on the Metabolic typing diet and the acid/alkaline diets...the metabolic typing way of eating certainly is interesting but as I said, I would prefer just telling my clients to do as I do .... it works ! thoughts? opinions?

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    Metabolic typing is certainly an interesting idea. I wonder how much research there is to back it up? It does make sense to suggest that people's bodies deal with macro-nutrients differently, but I have to question whether or not, outside of extreme cases like diabetes and hypoglycemia, it's enough to make a noticeable impact.

    Using myself as an example, right now I eat a relatively high protein diet compared to most. generally 1.2-1.5g x lb BW. I've not yet seen somebody who doesn't do well on a high protein diet though, because of the satiety and thermic factor associated with it. I've also never known anybody fail to lose fat using the EOD refeed concept. Which uses days of 2-3g x lb BW of carbs for the refeed days.

    When dealing with already lean individuals, where leptin and insulin resistance aren't an issue, I'd think altering macro-nutrient ratios for the purpose of suiting a goal (diet adherence, satiety, more carbs on workout days etc.) would be the most beneficial approach.

    In my experience, if you ask somebody what type of diet they do best on, they'll respond low carb. Chances are though, they've only tried high carb with junkier foods and low carb with healthy foods. Now suggest they try a moderate carb cycling approach with healthy food choices and protein kept high and most will do just fine, despite thinking they do best on low carb.

    Keep in mind this is all just based on my experiences and the people I know.


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      yes, excellent points!! I think most of us do better with LOW starchy carbs...but lots of fibrous carbs and modest fruits and dairy. It's crazy the amount of fat I eat and how lean this makes there is definitely something to all of this. I also realize that portions must still somewhat be an issue as stuffing oneself leads to excess insulin as well. so, essentially, one can't just binge on meat and bacon...there still has to be some portion control ...even with low to NO sugar items.

      I eat one, huge grass fed burger a day topped with a bit of cheese wrapped in a lettuce whole avacado per day...HIGHHIGH fat greek yogurt, just a half a cup ...but that's a good size...nuts, bacon salad with avacado again at night most night..2-3 eggs....2 spoons of coconut oil each day when in a rush since this makes one feel SO satieted instantly without having to go through any trouble of a meal, per se when in a rush....tons of RAW vegetables......anyways, my point is, I stay super lean...5 foot ten, 133 pounds, which is perfect for me... but I'm always satisfied...full of is the perfect eating plan for ME... I still have to think that this way of eating is perfect for EVERYONE but everyone is so brainwashed by the media's push these past years of low fat...cholesterol etc...all the propaganda.


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        there has been a lot on this in the past.

        a board search will bring up a ton (though I find the search functions here to be very cumbersome and difficult)

        I always score as a mixed type.

        But really, after getting through the low carb flu I'm finding I'm much better off with less carbs.

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          I took a metabolic test that concluded you are either carb, protein, or fat type. In the end it just picked whichever one you seem to like the most. I tried it with different answers. It was a sales tool. This seemed like a clever way to get people interested in a diet to me. Ah yes! I DO love carbs. This is great news. Um, no.

          I have no idea if that is the type of test you are speaking of. I find the basic genetic typing, ecto, endo, and meso-morphs a pretty solid starting point to addressing diet and exercise needs.

          Tell me more about Dr. Wilcott?


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            I'm currently reading the book ... I'm a big fan of Sean Croxton and the fact that he endorses metabolic typing got me interested in the subject, but to be honest I don't think that it actually works. I agree that there are biochemical differences between people, but I doubt that they make that much of a difference, and I'm not buying the whole alkaline/acidic thing. Also, I'm very skeptical of the distinction between slow and fast oxidizers. But hey, I've read more than 20 books about nutrition and dieting, and no matter whether I agree with it or not, I think it will be an interesting read.

            BTW: I don't think that there's any expert out there who gets *everything* right. Mark comes close (I've yet to find someone with whom I would agree more), but there are many who may be wrong on some subjects but absolutely right on others.
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              If I was a type I would be mixed as well. Going too low carb isn't right for me and I definitely feel better with more carbs in my diet which matches my metabolic type test results and ethnic background. I like what Sean Croxton has to say but I'm just not sold on the whole idea. I'm not doubting that some people feel great doing it, but then again they some are probably just eating real food for the first time.

              I like the idea of metabolic typing, the whole no one-size fits all approach is good. TBH I haven't read the whole book (I tried and couldn't get through it) so don't no much about it. But can you really learn so much about biochemistry, the oxidative system etc by that simple metabolic typing questionnaire?1?!?!?!

              Metabolic typing is intriguing though.
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                I believe everyone is quite unique. I am ravenous if I don't get to eat when I need to eat...heaven help the person in the way of my food...and my appetite..I LOVE dark meats...HATE sour things... (typical protein type if one was to follow their lists of what a protein type feels)..... then there are others who can go hours without eating...not even caring....LOVE sour things.... and it isn't even just's like an intense craving or I think there are those who metabolize rapidly...even if middle aged.

                The Ph thing there is definitely something to. High acidic foods leave 'ash' in the body and if that is left circulating for long periods of time it can be highly damaging...there is much fascinating literature on this. It also pulls calcium out of the bones to neutralize the acids which explains the ridiculou sparadox of calcium consumption and supplementation in North America. Eat more dairy, keep those bones strong..then why is there only Osteoporosis where high dairy is consumed?.. those milk adds..does a body good...? what a horrible joke...when it only creates more bone loss...

                The Metabolic Diet is an old, old book from the 50s I believe..called The Metabolic Typing Diet by William Wolcoctt. It is a fabulous read. I believe I must have an updated copy, it has wonderful info about everything.. the test in the book isn't a sales tool really..its 60 questions, much like a test you would take at a naturopathic's office... do your eyes water?.. do you get goosebumps easily.. do you itch alot...? do you feel if you eat this..or's quite long. It took me hours to type it onto a word document... *sigh*....

                Whereas others have taken it and had moderate scores for being a protein type ... I was like off the charts for that...hungry...hungry.....feed me!!
                and wow...when I just eat lots of makes SUCH a difference....

                and yes, I agree..there is so much literature out there. We all just want to take care of ourselves the best we can and sort through the BS...know thyself...try different ways of eating...stick to nature and common sense and the path seems clear.... :-)


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                  Funny - I took this test and answered the way I feel these days (eating primal). I got a protein type. But if I change the answers to how I have generally felt in the past (eating more CW - high in whole grains, lower in fat - no meat), I get a carb type. So it seems to tell you how you ARE eating...not necessarily how you are supposed to eat, at least IMO.