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Tired and want a kip!

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  • Tired and want a kip!

    Hello fellow Groks!

    Into my 4th week on the PB diet. Lots of positive aspects to it all - including that leveled out energy thing, lack of having to eat everything off my plate and even an slightly elevated mood!

    Lately I've been wanting to nap in the afternoon - something I rarely do. In fact this morning (10am) I could have a nap now! I'm getting a good 8hrs/night (plus the occasional nap when I can!), I'm doing some moderate exercise (6.5 miles walking about once/twice a week) and I'm getting a good diet (lots of veg and salad, variety of meat etc - (works out average of 50% fat, 25% carbs, 25% protein). Anyone experienced a similar happening on the PB? Are my genes now expressing my Grok power napping ability, or am I just getting old (41)! Interested to hear your comments.


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    For me it was quite the opposite. I don't feel the urge to nap any longer. Before I often had to stop by the roadside to take a nap on my 1 hour commute on my way home from work. That doesn't happen anymore. In general I am much more alert and bright minded now than I was before I begun with the primal way of living. I've been primal for over 10 months now. I am also 41 years of age.
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      If your body tells you to nap, then nap! It might be working hard on the inside to adjust to the diet in terms of doing repair to various systems, or you might be getting more in tune with its needs. You never know. I'd say go for it, give your body what it's asking for.

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      DAILY MACRO TARGETS: Cal: 1,857. Protein: 100g (400cal). Carb: 75g (300cal). Fat: 128g (1156cal).
      EXERCISE GOAL: incorporate 2-3 strength training sessions and 1 sprint session per week.


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        More exercise might be needed to boost your energy really is necessary.

        Having said that, bimodal sleep patterns are probably the human norm, not the exception.

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