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    For anyone that hasn't seen this video, give it a look. Fascinating results with the animal cancer treatments! This just further supports primal living; eating a natural and varied diet for health, even for preventing and treating cancer and other conditions linked with excess angiogenisis.

    Notice anything about the list of foods? Not a grain in sight.

    I've noticed, among other health benefits, that since going primal my psoriasis has reduced greatly with a few extra tweaks to my diet. I might try adding more foods from that list to see if I get any further improvement. The last couple of weeks I've been eating more of those items anyway as I've been trying to make my diet more alkaline, but I've only just come across this concept.

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    I don't think grape seed oil with the highest omega 6 content in the known universe is going to fly around here. Nor the soybeans. I'm interested, and will watch the video now, but those items and listing "red wine" which research suggests is likely no different than "alcohol" makes me skeptical. I could go for some pineapple now and again for sure though. I just wonder how my blood sugar would handle all the sugar. Actuall, I don't wonder. It would suck and give me massive headaches.


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      Thanks Steve, very interesting. Looking at the items on the list... you are right - there seems to be a pretty good overlap with primal eating, probably not a coincidence.

      Grol, ease up. The list is based on a very specific property of the foods, its not an approved list of 'only eat these if you want to cure your cancer'. A single property or ingredient of a food is not the same as the total of its parts. That's not what the presentation is about. I agree, just because red wine is approved doesn't mean that its something you should drink a ton of; the same thing can be said about various nuts and fruits that are 'primal approved'.

      Yea - I'm staying the hell away from grape seed oil too, despite its's anti-angiogenic property; but I'm also staying the hell away from honey, despite its lovely mineral and nutrient content.


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        Yeah watch the video. William Li talks about the synergistic effect of the foods/drinks, so dont just isolate one, you can combine them for a greater effect. He also talks about the effects of angiogenisis on fat cells.


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          Originally posted by lecz0r View Post
          Grol, ease up.
          Okay, but this dude is HUUUUGE on soy if you look around a little. He is also a Dean Ornish veggie type and hailed in the vegan forums. I can't find mention of omnivorous eating anywhere I looked.

          I did listen to the presentation with keen interest, and enjoyed the research they are doing. Certainly starving cancer via zero sugar or anti angiogenesis makes a ton of sense. I think there is a split between anti-cancer foods and and anti-inflammation foods that needs to be merged. Dr. Ayers at Cooling Inflammation mentions it very briefly here and there, but not in detail that I have found. What if grape seed oil and pineapple help prevent cancer but lead to serious inflammation? Anyway, sorry if I seemed unappreciative of the link. The topic has led me to bookmark a ton of stuff for later reading.

          Meat does sound like the big loser in anti-cancer dieting.