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Milk/Butter/Buttermilk from grass fed cows

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  • Milk/Butter/Buttermilk from grass fed cows

    I bought the above today, tried the butter milk and it was so sour I threw it out. The butter (sweet cream with salt) tasted a bit better, but still had somewhat of a sour taste. Is it supposed to taste so different to regular butter/milk etc? I remember buying milk from grass fed cows in the past and I also thought it had more of a sour taste to it.

    I don't know if it is slightly bad, or if I just need to become accustomed to the flavor.


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    I don't think it's the norm because whenever I buy grass fed raw dairy it's very creamy and has a very nice flavour! I've never had milk or cream like it before. Yours might be going off a bit, because raw dairy does start to go sour when it is on it's way out.
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      To my taste buds, milk/yoghurt/butter milk does taste a more sour, even super fresh stuff... but this is coming from drinking soy milk almost exclusively, which tends to be excessively sweet. I've not noticed this with butters, they're usually quite rich and creamy. I've also noticed that goats milk products are even more towards the sour side, but tend to be less aggravating to my gut.


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        Scub: Do you know how many days old the milk was? The Jersey milk I buy starts to become sour about 10-12 days after it was milked.

        Sour raw milk is OK to drink, most people will find it unpleasant though. I haven't tasted pasteurized milk since 1997 but I don't think raw is any more sour on average. I've had raw milk from grain-fed Holsteins (I know not cool), grass-fed Holsteins, and grass-fed Jersey. Never tasted sour unless it was 10 days old or more.

        Edit: I didn't read the original post slowly enough, I thought it was raw milk that was sour. Beauty is right... Buttermilk is supposed to be sour. It's the liquid leftover after you churn cream into butter. I think it's typically used as an ingredient in baked goods like bread, pancakes or muffins.
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          arewolfe, I don't know how old the milk was. It was pasteurized - I cannot buy raw milk in my state unless I buy shares in a cow and that is too expensive right now ($35 a month for 1 gallon of milk), so I just bought the grass fed, organic pasteurized stuff at the organic market. I just opened the milk though and it was not sour. The butter and the buttermilk was especially sour though so I think those two items went bad. I am going to return the butter - it is supposed to be good until October, but tastes disgusting.

          Thanks for the info!


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            Buttermilk by definition is soured milk. It's supposed to taste sour, lol!


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              @beauty, I know, lol. I love butter milk, this tasted rancid though.


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                Ah! I see. It seems like you got a bad batch. I'd write to the farm and let them know. Maybe they'll give you a discount if you try their product again.


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                  Fresh (read as raw) and pasteurized are totally different products. Fresh milk, cream, butter will not go rancid, it will get what my grandmother called "blinky" meaning it gets a bit of a sour or cowy flavor. It is not bad it is just time to use it to cook with it. Only pasteurized dairy will go rancid.