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    There was a 4th of July festival going on at the park today and there was a booth set up doing blood pressure and blood sugar tests, so I decided to take the blood sugar test.

    I ended up getting a score of 56 and the lady testing me said it was very low and that a normal range was 70-90. She asked if I had eaten at all today, and I had some breakfast a couple hours prior. I mentioned that I just got through exercising and she said that was probably the reason why it was so low and gave me an apple.

    I asked her if that was the lowest score she had seen and she said she saw a lady who scored 45, but she had not had anything to eat at all that day.

    After testing me, she proceeded to finish off eating her hot dog covered with HFCS laced catchup.

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    Haha sounds a little on the low-side but then again I wouldn't be worried if you're feeling great.

    Happy 4th! (almost)
    In Pursuit of Healthiness, Only to Achieve Happiness!: