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What Is Guar Gum???

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  • What Is Guar Gum???

    I'm not sure exactly what it does but after doing some minor research on wikipedia I'm not 100% sure if it's primal. I noticed that it's an ingredient in Thai Kitchen's coconut milk. Can anyone provide more info on this ingredient or recommend a coconut milk product that's purely coconut? Thanks!

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    It's from a legume (the guar bean) so it's not primal. That said, I haven't been able to find a single brand of coconut milk that I'm 100% ok with the ingredients. Either I'm stuck with thickeners like guar gum, or preservatives in some of the cheaper imported brands. So I've just been getting whichever one tastes best to me (Thai Kitchen) and trying to be ok with it.

    I've only looked for it at grocery stores and natural food stores... maybe there are some ethnic food stores that would have a better option. Or you could make your own! I'm not that ambitious, lol.
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      A thickening agent in some foods made from processed guar beans. It's a robust legume primarily grown in India. It has tons of dietary and pharmaceutical uses.

      I love Thai Kitchen Coconut milk. I wonder if that wonderful thick butter/cream is from the guar. Anyway, good catch. No legumes!


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        If I could find a bunch of cheap coconuts, I would make my own. It sounds like fun in the kitchen (and garage) actually.