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  • blood sugar woes....

    i CANNOT seem to get my blood sugar under control. when i eat(high fat low carb) it drops my blood sugar even more. im hypoglycemic to begin with and i cannot figure out how to work with this. i am thinking i might have some nutty responses to dairy because something about it makes me feel really off, but currently it is a huge allowance of my food in a day. here a typical day

    - pork steak, salad with oil
    - eggs with cream cheese
    - 1-2 cups FAGE
    - 1-2 cups cottage cheese
    - veggies/sour cream/salsa
    - mac nuts
    - burger/meatballs some beef of the sort
    - almond milk/coconut milk/protein shake

    i get about 2500-3000 a day(im gaining weight)

    has mark done a hypoglycemia post?? or is there any alterations to primal(besides my massive dairy use) i can do.... most research i look to says to eat a 50% carb, and 25/25 fat & protein and start the day with protein & fat(which i do)
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    Do you have a blood glucose meter? What are your highs and your lows? What is it when you feel bad, and when you feel good? Are you sure it's a blood sugar issue?

    Some people can tell minute differences by how they feel. Myself, it has to be something dramatic for me to have a clue what it is.


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      I'm hypoglycemic too and, just looking at your menu, I know I would be going through the exact same thing if I ate that. Balance is key for me and eating very low carb does not work; Primal more like Mark does it in the book *does* work (minus IF, which would kill me, although I hope to get there some day). His plan uses lots of fruits and vegetables. Also, it looks like you're eating refined foods like cream cheese and sour cream, which can mess up sensitive types. My suggestions to the menu, if I may be so bold :

      - pork steak, salad with oil (add higher carb veggies like tomatoes and carrots, avocado for more fat, and fruit on the side)
      - eggs with cream cheese (skip the cream cheese because of its additives and its low protein content, add goat cheese and 3-4 veggies, consider uncured bacon or sausage but *read the ingredients and screen for sugars!*)
      - 1-2 cups FAGE (add fruit-berries would be best. A banana is too sugary.)
      - 1-2 cups cottage cheese (add fruit, but you probably won't need this)
      - veggies/sour cream/salsa (change your protein from sour cream to something without additives. A yogurt dip, maybe?)
      - mac nuts (okay, but I wouldn't eat these alone)
      - burger/meatballs some beef of the sort (add lots of veggies!!)
      - almond milk/coconut milk/protein shake (go with traditional dairy and add almonds, skip the protein powder, which is highly processed. I'm thinking that with the above modifications, you'll be too full for this anyway)

      That's just what would work for me. If you try it for a few days, I'll bet your dairy cravings drop. Make sure you're getting protein every time you eat and don't fear the good carbs like veggies and fruits! You'd be amazed at what a handful of tomatoes, mushrooms, and peppers can do to keep you full. I suspect that because we're so broken, we need them more than other people on this forum.

      Now get thee to a farmers' market!


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        gfprof, maybe you weren't bold enough? I love intermittent fasting for hyper, but for hypo it just seems impossible. Why do you hope to get there? Just curious. \

        I agree with your advice and would add, Malpaz, eat a potato, a yam, some carrots, enjoy some butter slathered corn on the cob once a week or so. Have lots of onions if you like them, they're good for the gut flora too. And what the heck, eat an apple or a pear, or have some cherries, they're in season. Is a banana really a bad idea for a hypo? I'm not so sure.

        Just because a bunch of us, myself included, have diabetic hyperglycemic issues and function best under 50 carbs a day, that doesn't need to be a goal for the rest of you healthy and working out, or hypoglycimic and in need of bigger blood glucose levels. There was no fruit in your typical diet, Malpaz? None? Mmmm... make rphlslv's coconut sweet potato pancakes, and top with strawberries and heavy whipped cream. Or try the pumpkin idea with nutmeg and cinnamon. I wish I had your problem (just kidding, I think). I'm a little jealous, but sorry to hear about your struggles.


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          i think i'll drop dairy and maybe keep the yogurt for dips and stuff. well, truth be told im a bit 'scared' of carbs. but i am finding(i think) that this high fat high protein eating im hooked on is causing my hypoglycemic problems(along with dairy and caffeine)

          haha you dont want my problem, it stems from anorexia and me being obsessed with keep carbs as low as possible with IF which landed me in relapse and now im trying to find is so hard. after i eat my blood sugar SHOOTS UP then in an hour-half or so it's down in the 60's at best. when i wake up it is in the 90's usually.

          -i do use natural sour cream... just cream as the ingredient...same with cream gonna be sooooo withdrawn seeing all my dairy go i use it in EVERYTHING...will save my some $$ though i think, i was going through 4 tubs of yogurt, 4 tubs of cottage cheese, 4 blocks of cream cheese, a pint or cream, and 20 oz of hard cheese and 24 oz jar of sour cream, and tub of mascarpone, and 2 small tubs of goat cheese A

          im also trying to drop my morning coffee...gulp.... it affects me too.
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            mmm...pumpkin.... i like the sounds.... if i had 3 fav foods in the world they are

            butternut squash

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              Hey, MalPaz...kudos on the weight gain!
              Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!


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                MalPaz, I don't think you should give up dairy - I think it's the fiber & other nutrients from fruit and veggies that you're missing. Adding those to the protein and fat *should* bring your blood sugar up slowly and gradually and sustain you longer. When I tried Atkins years ago, all meat and high-fat dairy, I was hungry all the time, and I think you'll find the same thing if you just eat meat and no produce. And on a more psychological note, if you already know that you have an OCD-type eating problem, extra deprivation is the LAST thing you need. Think about adding things to the diet, not cutting them. I second the call for butter, yams, onions, and anything that isn't a grain. Also, they would have to pry my morning coffee from my cold, dead hands.

                Where do you find natural sour cream anyway? I gave up years ago!

                @Grol, I'd love to IF because lunch is such a pain to think about, and because I'm celiac and I travel a lot, so finding food is always a challenge. I've been known to spend 24-48 hour periods living on beef jerky, nuts, and dried fruit. It gets old! The banana thing is personal experience - multiple crashes. I can eat them with a whole lot of other foods, but not just yogurt, just nuts, or by themselves. What the science may or may not be on that, I have no idea.


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                  Protein and fat slow the absorption/digestion/processing (not sure what the right word is) of carbs, which explains the banana.

                  For me (diabetic), adding fat and protein to a sweet tames the insulin response or use (don't know which it is for me)--my blood sugar doesn't go up as fast, comes back to "normal" more quickly because of that, and doesn't low; perhaps, MalPaz, that's a way of looking at adding carbs.

                  If you have protein and fat while you are adding carbs, you won't be spiking and dropping so fast, and your insulin will be working WITH you instead of AGAINST you--therefore, not so much to be afraid of as you add a few more.

                  Just a thought. When I'm being compulsive (opposite direction, however), sometimes having a logical paradigm to fall back on helps (sometimes, sometimes... but more often than not).

                  There's a diet I lackadaisically keep in mind (I wouldn't say "follow") that gives a reasonable-seeming formula--for fifteen grams of carbs, eat at least seven grams of protein, and avoid more than 30 carbs in a snack or meal. (This diet didn't give any numbers on fat, as it was rather stuck in the allfatisbad days.)


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                    Originally posted by MalPaz View Post
                    after i eat my blood sugar SHOOTS UP then in an hour-half or so it's down in the 60's at best. when i wake up it is in the 90's usually.
                    Sounds like reactive hypoglycemia:
                    I have heard that caffeine and dairy both stimulate insulin release (but not glucose of course). This extra insulin coupled with such a low carb intake may be causing low blood sugar. Just a guess, I'm by no means an expert. Also, I know that I feel better in general when I eat more veggies and fruit than when I try to cut back.


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                      thanks guys...towdie...that sounds like what i have!!
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