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  • the look of your pantry....

    or cupboard.....

    Does anyone else enjoy gazing at their fridge full of food or well-stocked pantry? I find the more progress I make (and with eaiting primally its allways going to be progress), the more I start to really love my food. I appreciate it for all it does for me, for building muscle, nourishing me. The primal pantry may be a bit boring......color-wise...missing are the bright neons and loud slogans on boxes of food products, instead there are bottles of coconut oil, a few dirt-smudged yams and sweet potatoes, a container of nuts, the ubiquitous dark slab of chocolate.....the brightest things we see are the brilliant greens and reds of veg and the various rainbows of supplements.

    and, always, the're running your own personal little butcher shop now ..........everything sits peacefully, perfectly. I love walking into my kitchen and looking at all of it. I love real food!

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    Haha yes I was just at the kitchen organizing my pantry. I have tons of coconut oil cans, some salmon/tuna/sardines, spices, coconut flour and coconut powder.

    Same for the fridge. Everything's gotta be organized and all my ground beef is separated into .5 lb in ziploc bags.
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      I don't keep much in my fridge or pantry- I usually buy things as I need it.

      The pantry is full of things like fermenting kombucha, bottles of home-brewed wine, and my mealworm farm. If any random stranger were to look in there, I can just imagine what they'd think. There's a tea/coffee cupboard too that also contains coconut flour, arrowroot, spices, etc. And a bar of quality chocolate.

      The fridge is just as basic. Lots of bottled kombucha, several dozen eggs, lots of jars of pickled eggs, pickled watermelon rind, jars of tallow and lard, and random condiments. A few veggies in the crisper as I need them.

      The freezer, however, is my pride n joy. Both the upright and the chest freezer are stocked to the brim with loads of meaty goodness.


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        Sometimes when I am bored at home I like to organize the family pantry, which means that I try to find any excuse to toss some of the non-primal foods that some other members of my family eat (HFCS sauces, etc). I have a little corner which I like to periodically open and examine. Salmon, tuna, coconut oil, olive oil, roasted red peppers, and other fun little goodies. It makes me feel good to be alive!
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          My pantry is rarely opened. The winter I frequent it more, like for canned goods for soups, but sheesh, outside of storing some nuts and a few cans of fish, I never open the thing anymore!

          My fridge almost seems magical anymore. One day I will stuff it full, filling all the drawers with greens, shuffling shelfs around so I can fit some marinating meat, dozens of eggs, and the cat food (raw meat).......then it only seems like a couple days later and it is empty again!
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            ahhh the spices........I had a spice got full so i had to mount a rack on the wall with an opening door. all the bottles are glass with a few small baggies lounging around. i love the smell.


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              I don't ever go in the pantry anymore haha. The only seasoning I use is my steak stuff, which I keep on the counter with my coconut oil. Anything I eat is from the fridge.
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                My pantry is so barren... I have nothing but salt, mustard, pepper, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, coffee, tea, spices.

                My fridge looks like a horror movie
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                  Originally posted by SerialSinner View Post
                  My pantry is so barren... I have nothing but salt, mustard, pepper, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, coffee, tea, spices.

                  My fridge looks like a horror movie
                  oh well we all know the excitement is really in the fridge. meats! butter! cheeses oops CREAM! (dairy fiend) And, I mean, anywhere the beef is, thats the important place!!!!

                  the primal pantry is appealing though because its more a thing of discipine than flare....its where the absence of grain is most apparant. My pantry is rugged, full of quiet stocism. the pantry is usually where all the SADding happens in SAD. (snackwells, chips, cookies, etc) so i think a barren pantry is a beautiful thing. I love the sparseness of it.


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                    I'd advise putting the nuts in the freezer (they keep longer) and the chocolate in the fridge. But otherwise, yeah.
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                      My favorite place to look is the produce drawer, especially after my CSA pickup. Beautiful colors and textures, and it all looks so yummy!


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                        Originally posted by Griff View Post
                        I'd advise putting the nuts in the freezer (they keep longer) and the chocolate in the fridge. But otherwise, yeah.
                        wont the nuts get really hard if i put them in there?(that sounds and I would put the choc in the fridge but i like it room temp. the nuts are macas and cashews. im going out of town this weekend so im gonna throw some in the freezer and eat em when i get back.


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                          My Fridge:
                          Top Shelf, raw chickens, beef hearts/ribs, talipia/sardines, and some blanched veggies. For hounds and kitties.

                          Other shelves:
                          Greek Gods yogurt, eggs, over flow lettuce storage, left over veggies/meats

                          Top crisper drawer:
                          Lettuce, spinach poking out of the front, red, green, yellow peppers, carrots, onions, red get the hint?

                          Bottom crisper:
                          off the bone lunch meats, quality cheeses, bacon, bacon, bacon.

                          2nd fridge in garage:

                          I really try to avoid the beer fridge.
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                            Mind you, this is a shared fridge with a non PB, so this is only the PB stuff.
                            Top shelf: salsa, cream, butter,mascarpone, salad dressing, cream cheese
                            Bottom shelf: left- overs, more leftovers, tea, parmesan, tub o' lettuce, cut veggies in baggies, beer, and did I mention the leftovers?
                            Top crisper: baggied chooped cabbage and mustard greens, carrots, celery, part of an onion in baggie, zukes
                            Bottom crisper: tomato, peppers, apples, berries, sweet cherries, sour cherries
                            Door: wasabi, butter, eggs, salsa, hot sauce, sriracha, stock.

                            top shelf: strawberry puree, broccoli, raspberries, strawberries, coconut,
                            2nd shelf: Ice cream maker gel dingus
                            top basket: stuffed to the gills with pork for sausage make, german sausage, italian sausage, chicken breasts, chicken thighs, whole chickens, steaks, skirt steaks, chorizo, bacon, hot links.
                            Bottom basket: frozen fruit

                            Counters/ hanging baskets/ baker's racks: garlic, onions, ginger, acorn squash, avocado, green beans, chocolate, water
                            Cabinets: nuts, more nuts, water chestnuts, dried fruit, jerky, spice cabinet, tea cabinet, stock, more stock, salt, cocoa powder, oil/ vinegar cabinet, chocolate chips, cooking chocolate, almond meal, coconut flour, dried coconut.

                            This is us running low, by the way. I'm proud of my Primal food storage.
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