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  • Trusting supplements

    Good evening,

    I am taking Marks supplements because I believe it's legit. What I'm curious about is what other damage-control type supplements you guys are taking if not Mark's. I haven't really compared them to anything because I never had a reason to trust other products.

    Thanks for your time!

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    Thorne Research. They're extremely pure, contain exactly what they say they contain and nothing more.
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      Blackmores, an Australian/New Zealand brand. Very good quality and backed up by sound science. No nasties. Another member mentioned working for them in the past and confirmed my opinion. I'd buy Mark's to support the site, but there's all sorts of regulations around importing foods and stuff so I stick with the local products.
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        Here is what I take:
        for the effective tx of anxiety and depression (depression has not been a factor for a long long time)

        for general supplementation and optimal skin protection from uv damage, optimal hair growth, pms prevention, maintaining ideal ferritin and 25(OH)D levels in the middle of the reference range etc etc

        The nutritionist I worked with has formulated for multiple companies ranging from the high end 'whole foods' supplements (not worth it) to some of the very 'budget' brands. It just really depends on the company. There are many excellent inexpensive products - which for me is very important as I take more supplements than most.

        For some supplements, there aren't good inexpensive options. I can't take any reasonably priced magnesium as my gut is completely intolerant of mg citrate, glycinate and malate and imesho, oxide and aspartate aren't worth it. So I use, and am okay spending $$ on Jigsaw Health's chelated time released mg dimalate.

        SAMe is another expensive supplement that just might be worth it for those that need it. (depression, joint issues) - even the 'cheap' stuff is expensive and in this case it's fine to buy the cheapest available.

        Krill as's fine to buy the cheapest (Now is my favorite nko) but even the least expensive is still expensive.

        Fish oil? Don't ever spend on the pricey 'certified' versions. There are only a few processors of fish oil supplements worldwide and they are all molecularly distilling which means they all have the same level of purity. The only exceptions are wild alasakan salmon oil which isn't molecularly distilled and doesn't need to be and the few boutique cod liver oils and fermented cod liver oils that also don't need to be molecularly distilled.

        The most important things to know about fish oil:
        high turnover - buy a brand from a store or online vendor that sells *a lot*
        ratios - in a biologically appropriate primal diet we'd take in more DHA than EPA. fish naturally supplies us with more DHA than EPA but because patentability is improved if one component of a natural substance can be isolated, goal of many researchers is to isolate a substance (in this case EPA) and create patentable formulas. because the research was occuring with non-natural ratios (on purpose), manufacturing stuck with these unnatural ratios. So now we see almost all fish oils containing a 1.5:1 epa to dha ratio when the reverse would be a better idea

        I now use Now DHA-500 which contains 500 mg DHA and 250 mg EPA per 1g capsule. 750 mg lcpufa Ω3 per 1000 mg is a great ratio. It means I can take a few per day instead of 6-10.

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