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The W a r r i o r Diet - Thoughts?

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  • The W a r r i o r Diet - Thoughts?

    Anyone tried this? Seems to be a seemingly good idea from an evolutionary standpoint. Kinda like intermittent fasting minus the 9-10 hour feeding window? Good for fat loss? Just looking for more info
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    There is a whole diet plan behind the warrior that I don't subscribe too, but on some days I only eat once (the warrior) and on others I eat twice. It's hard to get enough protein though in one sitting so I eat twice in the evening more of the time. The fast five eating plan an IF plan with a smaller window of course. You can find that at Martin Berkan leangains is also someone that knows his stuff about IFing.
    Regardless of the eating window size, I think that any IF plan that you can stick to will make fat loss easier.


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      I simply can't eat that much food at once! Maybe if I kept it to beef, added fat and vegetables I could do it but then again I like more variety so my personal favorite is 2 meals within 5 or 6 hours of each other.
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        I too have a hard time getting enough protein in a whole day, let alone one meal.

        Perhaps I need to break down and drop the 'whole foods' goal and just get a protein shake, eh?
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          I'm conditioned to a daily 20 hour fast with a 4 hour window for one big meal and a little something else if needed. Unlike Stabby, I have well developed portion control issues with little difficulty eating enough in one sitting. I shudder to think of eating 3 squares again. I would balloon.


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            lol Grol, this is how I feel! If I try to fit in 3 square meals, i get so bloated and gross! same if i try to fit a couple meals within a 4-5 hour window. eating once like the warrior diet seems to be the way for me i guess!
            && It's not just about living well, it's about dying well.


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              how do you eat 2500 calories in one meal

              off course im trying to bulk not lose fat so maybe diet is not ideal for that?


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                You could eat 2500 calories if you did several hours of martial arts and some gym work outs. It works up an appetite. I have this book on loan from the library, however I want to finish The Great Cholestrol Con first, before I start reading it.
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                  yes I get hungry after a heavy gym workout but on non-workout days I dont really get that hungry


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                    Oh I can EASILY eat my 1500+ calories in a single meal!

                    Lately I've been eating just one meal a day. With the summer heat and the lack of time, it's just easier to just eat dinner. Last couple days I did eggs for breakfast because I had time. Weekends are where I go wonky and graze all day, then feel like crap. I kinda like the one-big-meal thing. Less kitchen cleaning too!


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                      I would like to do the warrior but aren't you starving in the PM?


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                        Me? Nope. If I were hungry through the day I'd eat something. I do occasionally get a little grumble around lunch time, probably because my body is used to eating at that time. After a week of doing this, and having lots of tea on hand through the day, I don't really feel hungry, sluggish or shakey. It's just something I fell into, and it seems to be working out well. I wouldn't force it, but if your body is ok with it, why not?


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                          I did the warrior diet for about 9 months before going completely primal. To tell you the truth, I was a bit disappointed by not only the people behind the diet but some of their philosophy as well.

                          For example, the warrior diet book was very vague in presenting some of their information (e.g., suggesting that beans/legumes are proteins and not carbs). It appeared as if the author knew that some information was too vague, and then released further publications (at pretty large fees) to clear information up. That to me was very cheap.

                          Furthermore, the warrior diet philosophy advocates eating grains (or at least high carb/low fat meals) once or twice a week. They advocate foods like rice, quinoa, and other gluten-free grains and legumes to be used as those carbs.

                          What I did not like about eating once a day is that sometimes it could really get in the way of life. It is very convenient not to eat breakfast and lunch, but sometimes life can get in the way of eating dinner too. Maybe I may have taken it too seriously, but I ate dinner at 7pm sharp every night. Sometimes, however, i had an appointment, friends wanted to go out, etc. which would get in the way of taking several hours to cook and eat all my calories.

                          I find that the leangains philosophy is much easier to live by, and still reaps the benefits of the IF.
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                            Sometimes I feel like eating only one meal, but forcing myself to do so every day? No chance. There are days ten meals are not enough.
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                              I gave it an honest try for about a month and it really didn't do much for me except make me lose a bit of weight, probably both fat and muscle because i lost strength as well.

                              I perform and look MUCH better eating primal all day rather than once a day.

                              Might work for some people but not for me.

                              The author if the book is pretty jacked for an old guy though, i guess whatever he's doing is working for him.