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protecting the lean mass

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  • protecting the lean mass

    I did my by-monthly weigh in this morning (the first sense the paleo switch). Weight is dropping nicely along with BF.

    While not dropping in huge amounts, my lean body mass is dropping as well. Is this LBM loss inevitable while dropping BF and BW?

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    How do you know your lean mass is dropping?
    You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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      In order to preserve your LBM you will need to get plenty of protein and do some kind of lifting heavy objects to keep your muscles working. If you just cut caloric intake and don't exorcise you most likely will most likely be losing both LBM and BF. I work hard to lose the BF but I am not willing to lose any LBM right now.


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        Primalchild- I use a tape measure and the formula on "beyond the whiteboard" or the Navy circumference method.

        Daemonized- I am pretty active, I CF 5 days a week with a good mix of strength and medcon. My protein/carb/fat intake is inline with the recomendations on this site.


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          The year, I started out at about 175 lbs with a lean body mass of around 142 according to the Navy calculations. Right now, I'm around 149 and the calculations put me at around 138 lbs of LBM. My strength though has gone up during this time period though. I do a lot more weighted pull ups, chin ups, and push ups than I ever could before and my sprinting is coming along nicely. My arms, upper chest, and legs are also visibly larger than they used to be as well.
          I'm not entirely sure how much faith I put into Navy calcuations. While, it's true that I may have lost some lbm, majority of my loses are BF and I'm happy with my progress.