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Please Help...Dealing with Stomach Pain...

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  • Please Help...Dealing with Stomach Pain...

    I posted a few weeks ago about having chest pains and went and got them checked out and there were no major issues with my heart or anything like that. Now I am having some pretty intense pain after I eat every meal. I am being tested for an ulcer, but have to wait a few days for the results.

    I am looking for a good way to soothe my stomach until I get word back from the doctor, because the pain is making it so I can hardly focus at work. I have had people recommend Cola Syrup (which is not even close to being primal)...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...thx in advance.

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    Hard to advise over the internet. You may be eating too much at one sitting or not eating enough. Might be a reaction to a specific food. Maybe you're drinking too much water. Maybe you have a pulled muscle.

    General remedy that won't hurt to try: Chamomile tea, available pretty much everywhere. Try it by itself, and try a blend with peppermint, which has conflicting reports on whether it will make things better or worse.


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      I am pretty sure there is something systemic going on as the cause becasue my previous chest pains and now stomach pains lead me to believe they are related. So as far as the cause goes, the doctor is working on finding that out. I am just hoping for some temporary relief because I am so uncomfortable from the pain.

      I will give the chamomille a try...anything is worth a shot at this point.


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        This sounds very much like it might be gallstones or severe GERD Has that been investigated?

        Either way, inthe meantime, I'd take digestive enzymes with every meal

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          Its GERD, thats how mine started and it has been getting worse.


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            If it's an ulcer, people say that raw cabbage (or raw cabbage juice) sometimes helps.

            Is it worse when you eat fat? Then it might be gall bladder.

            You'd probably know it if were just gas. Spirit of peppermint, a few drops in a glass of water, helps that.

            Good thing you're getting help with it, instead of depending on Internet advice.


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              Thanks for the responses...I know it is definitely not normal. Would the Primal style of eating have any impact on causing the gall bladder problems or GERD? I eat a lot of saturated fat and rarely, if ever, get over 50 grams of carbs a day.

              I am just hoping something definitive comes back from the the lab tests so I can start feeling like a normal human being again.


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                Originally posted by cillakat View Post
                This sounds very much like it might be gallstones or severe GERD Has that been investigated?

                Either way, inthe meantime, I'd take digestive enzymes with every meal
                They are doing a test for several is H. Pyloris, which is apparently some kind of bacteria or something that causes about 80 - 90% of all ulcers. Where do I find digestive enzymes at? Are they just called "digestive enzymes" in the store?...thx again.


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                  I have dealt with stomach pain related to eating in the past. It can make you afraid to eat. If you can get ahold of a vegetable juicer, try taking a few days (like three) off of eating. Juice vegetables (tip: add a few grapes or an apple to any combination of vegetable juices to make it palatable) to give your digestion a rest. Then, when you start eating, start very very slowly. Bone broths, VERY well cooked veggies. See if it makes a difference.


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                    Fresh cabbage juiced from a juicer - take two a day for 2 weeks and your ulcer will be no more. Also, Birch Juice - WELEDA makes a version that is pure birch juice. I had similar problems. Cabbage and Birch juice and avoiding cheese and dairy have cleared it up.


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                      I had a similar problem over the spring. It's actually what led me to eating primally. I would get bad stomach aches after eating. The only thing that helped was having some yogurt to cut the acid down.

                      I went to my doctor who suspected an ulcer. The test for H. Pylori came back negative. He prescribed a proton inhibitor and referred me to a gastroenterologist. Made an appt. with the gastroenterologist who couldn't see me for six weeks. Went home and looked up the side effects of proton inhibitors and decided not to take them. Threw them out. Since I don't have health insurance, and wasn't up for an extended and expensive round of appointments and testing and having to take medicine, I just decided to put all my efforts into eating primally since so many people have found help with GI disorders by eating this way.

                      Once I switched over to eating sprimally, things gradually got better over the course of a few weeks. I was and still am very strict with this way of eating. I stopped with the yogurt and other dairy, cut out grains. To deal with immediate stomach pain, I would drink a tablespoon or so of raw apple cider vinegar in a half glass of water. That helped a lot. I also did cabbage juice for few days. I do not have a juicer so I'd mix cabbage and water in my vitamix blender and then strain it. I took probiotics and fish oil (available at the health food store and also here at MDA) drank bone broths and ate a lot of eggs. Just scrambled or boiled with no salt or anything. Raw vegetables and most fruits were out. Bananas were okay though.

                      I am very happy to report that I'm feeling much better. I only get the tummy aches a couple of times a week now, and they are very mild. I'm feeling much, much better. I still don't know what I had or have (ulcer? GERD?) but it feels great to know I dodged the whole medical treatment thing. I am not totally healed, but I know I'm getting there, and I'm so glad I didn't get sucked into taking a daily, expensive, have-to-take-it-forever pill to treat this thing. Eating this way totally rocks. I also lost my belly fat (I had about 12 pounds to lose) and I have a ton of energy. My asthma is a lot better too.

                      I'm able to eat spices again (no hot sauce yet though!) as well as fruit, tomatoes and other things I couldn't eat when I was in pain. So that is great.
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                        Just a thought--ketosis can cause nausea/stomach pain. For some this seems to be just transitional, while for others its just something that happens along w/ ketosis. I've only read others' anecdotes on this, but some folks try and eat higher levels of fruit/veggies a day to keep themselves out of ketosis b/c of it. I'd google it, and maybe just try going higher carb (again, from veggies, fruits, nuts--primal foods only) to see if it made a difference? Might be worth a shot!

                        One more thing, iron supps (can be in a multi) can cause tummy trouble as well. I personally get sick from most supplemental iron...

                        Good luck!!
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