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HELP - Is my heart going to explode??

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  • HELP - Is my heart going to explode??

    So I had a cholesterol test a while ago, found out i had high cholesterol. Found this site and changed the way i eat in february. Have been eating mostly local vegtables, local grass-fed meat, and local grass-fed dairy. Also eliminating grains and sugars.

    I was really excited to go get my first VAP test last week. Well, i just got my results. I'm not sure I'm so excited anymore (results attached).

    Total cholesterol was 307 now 382 (high number - yikes)
    LDL was 236 now 306 (went up -ugh)
    HDL was 50 now 58 (nice modest improvement)
    Triglycerides were 107 now 64 (best improvement)

    My LDL is well within the Pattern A zone. But i'm not sure this is totally good news. Am i in that zone because I have more pattern B then A. But my pattern A still way to high?

    any advice or help appreciated. i'm sort of dejected and rethinking everything now.
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    I'm going to reply a little...although i am NOT an expert...I just to make a quick comment. Could there be inflammation anywhere else in your body? Do you have any injuries or recent cuts at all? Cholesterol is miraculous...if it gets a bit high, it's because usually, it's fighting inflammation somewhere in the can see why lowering it artifically is dangerous since it treats the symptoms but not the root cause. the inflammation will still be there but the drugs now mess with the process that the body has to repair. When my Dad had a bad cut on his arm, and coincidentally had a physical scheduled a day or two later, his cholesterol was much higher than went back down to normal once his wound healed. But, I am not saying this is the case with you but I just wonder. Remember, inflammation can be cuts and scraped on artery wall etc where we can't actually see.....


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      How long had you been Primal before that blood draw?
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        5 months. i started eating primal in February.


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            How do you feel otherwise?
            How do these compare w/ previous results?
            I would consider moving to possibly eliminate the dairy. Even grass-fed, it could be an irritant for you. (What kinds and how much are you eating?)
            Have you been sick recently?
            Have you been doing any Intermittent Fasting?

            5 months may not be long enough. Are you following the other Primal lifestyle things like activity, play, etc?

            Something is definitely up, but I wouldn't blame Primal per se - you've seen the expected improvement in Tri's and HDL. I'm thinking there is something else going on. Could you give us some more background on your health status prior to going Primal? Some sample menus?
            I can tell you for certain that going back to a non-Primal way of eating isn't going to improve those #'s, so you can give it more time, tweak with avoiding dairy, adding IF, or seek out further answers on whether there is something else inflammatory going on to explain those results.

            I am sure you will get lots of advice and fantastic information. Good luck!
            Melissa Fritcher - 330/252/150
            Trample the weak, hurdle the dead.


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              Thank you for your replies.
              To answer your questions I feel great otherwise. When I first learned of my High cholesterol (about 4 years ago) I was shocked. I had initial took Crestor at my Doctors recommendation, but really didn't like being on it, and were planning on conceiving a child and didn't want to have any substances in my body at that time so i went off. that was 2 years ago.

              5 months ago i decided to go primal and try to see if the grains and sugars were a cause. My father just had a quadruple bipass, so i am really trying to kick this

              I feel great otherwise. i'm 37 male. active. low body fat, muscular build.

              I do eat a lot of dairy. whole milk. heavy 50% cream, cheese. all grass-fed. I seem to process it fine, no gatro distress anyway.

              Haven't been sick lately, i do have some inflamation (as Chia suggested) I have a sore knee and swollen finger. these things are pretty common with me though. Seems I always have something.

              I have never fasted, I guess thats one part of primal i haven't explored.

              As far as menu's - I wouldn't say i ate bad in the past. i ate whole grains like quinoa and brown rice. whole wheat bread. Indulgences would include probably a soda a day and ice cream.

              I now eat bacon, eggs, vegs, cook in homemade butter only, whole milk, cheese, beef, pork, fish, homemade cream and fruit at night. Only sugar that slips by is an occasional french vanilla cream top yogurt.

              Any way to tell if i have other internal inflamations?


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                How is your blood pressure? That is a big factor in my opinion over cholesterol.


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                  blood pressure is good. Don't know exact numbers. Why do you say that that is more of a risk?


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                    Your LDL is Pattern A and your Trigs are well under 100. I wouldn't worry. In fact, I'd probably brag a bit.


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                      Thanks Roach. Not sure I understand all of this enough to brag.

                      The one thing i question in the pattern diagram is - I'm in pattern A, which is good. But is my pattern B still to high? Is it just the even larger volume of pattern A skew it?

                      LDL1 (A) – 32
                      LDL2 (A) – 84
                      LDL3 (B) – 152
                      LDL4 (B) – 19