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    for adding ALOT of extra raw vegetables, I find food processing cauliflower, brocoli, peppers...into rice sized pieces, is an easy way to easily get another 4 servings of raw vegetables or so.

    I made the avacado, egg, tomato, bacon dish and tossed in the finely processed veggies with it.. (approx 2 cups)...that's ALOT of vegetables before they were diced. It was tasty and blended nicely with the other ingredients.

    You can do this with lots of dishes. Eating at least 80 % of our food raw (produce) is optimal for the live enzymes that nourish us, heal us, and keep us young.

    I even add the diced raw veggies to say, onions and garlic that were fried in coconut oil or butter first. Turn off the heat, stir in the raw vegetables and eat. It's like you're eating cooked veggies almost with the flavourings. Your imagination can create endless ideas. Even swiss chard and spinach in mini bits can be added to things to add SO much more in the way of vegetables without the ominous chore sometimes of trying to eat a lot of servings. It definitely makes a HUGE difference when they're tiny.

    It's definietly a great way to get lean...raw just does the job that much faster...cooked food takes alot of work for your body to have to assimilate since if you eat cooked food regularly your enzymes kind of go on strike....hence, indigestion, heartburn, gas etc.
    Just my two cents...thought I would share with all of you how I mentor my clients with nutrition ideas.
    Chia :-)