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Most awesome short-ribs ever!

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  • Most awesome short-ribs ever!

    I recently found a local source of all things meat; chicken, pork, beef. All natural, no antibiotics, growth hormones, the whole enchilada and her prices are pretty reasonable. I bought a variety of stuff to try it out. I decided to put the two pounds of short ribs in a crock pot with a bunch of spices; granulated garlic, sea salt, pepper, lots of cumin, and a big helping of rub. Let those puppies cook for about four hours and just finished dinner. Unbelievable! I've ate a lot of ribs, all different kinds, but nothing like these. The taste and texture was amazing! It took all the willpower I could muster to leave half for another meal. These things were layered with lots of fat. All that at $4 a pound.

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    Wow! Are these similar to store bought country style ribs. I have some in the fridge. There about 2 inches thick and 8 inches long. Are these the same as your short ribs?


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      About the same width but shorter....more like 5-6 inches.


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        Those sound yummy! I love short ribs. I posted about it last time I made them, and if you want another recipe check out my blog:


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          I'm going to have go try that Mermaid. And you're dead on about the fat, buttery, not stringy.