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Eating too often?

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  • Eating too often?

    I'm always scared that I'm repeating other threads that have gone by when I ask questions (I've looked and have found nothing), so hopefully this hasn't been answered too recently.

    I'm getting the book tonight, but have been reading a lot from this website these past 4 days or so and have switched to Primal eating pretty much as soon as I discovered the site. I'm loving it.

    Quick question though:
    Although PB doesn't require you to eat often as our bodies are adapted to going a while without food (thanks to our caveman ancestors), can eating too often have negatives?

    I'm used to eating continuously throughout the day as CW had dubbed as healthy, so I'm finding myself needing to snack on something here and there. I'm getting hungry less often as the days go by so I figure I'll be able to get there sooner than later, but is it a bad thing if I have some carrots and radishes as a snack between meals and after dinner?


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    No, eating frequently will not actually hurt you whether or not you are eating primally. It may, however, make it harder for you to reach your goals if you are wanting to reduce your body fat percentage because it will be harder to track how much you are eating and your body won't be in a fasting state. Carrots, for example also have a relatively high glycemic index and will cause somewhat of an insulin spike if that concerns you. Still, if you're hungry and you want something then you will not be harming yourself.