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Sub 50g carbs for how long?

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  • Sub 50g carbs for how long?

    I finished reading the Primal Blueprint about two weeks ago, and have this question - once you have reached a good weight, is upping daily carbs to the 75-100 range okay? From what I remember in the book, this range is still good for fat loss. Also, Mark talks about the danger in eating sub 50g for too long, although I don't remember the specific reason.

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    Staying below 50g won't hurt you. There are lots of us that live in that range permanently, but then going higher isn't going to kill you either. Some of use do carb re-feeds once in a while where the carbs go much higher than that of course.


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      You could go here to find out about long-term zero carb--->

      or here, as well. Both sites are very low carb, long-term ---->
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