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Multivitamins potency versus single supplements

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  • Multivitamins potency versus single supplements

    Dont know if the headline makes any sense, English is not my native languish.

    Anyway, Im wondering how good a multivitamin is in potency compared to if I take all the vitamins I need from the multivitamin in separate pills instead.

    For example, if I use 1000mg vitamin C, 30 mg zink, 400 mg magnesium, 700 mg calcium, 150mg coQ10 and 125 mg milk thistle from different supplements, one pill for every one of them, what would and how much if any would the difference be If I instead bought lets say the Damage control master formula from this site instead, that supplement have the exactly the same doses of the supplements I already use.

    I have always thought (dont know why) that the absorbation is better when I take if from single supplements compared to multivitamin. And also I have read that some vitamins/minerals lowers the absorbation from other supplements when taken at the same time, example dont take zink and calcium at the same time. I hope I make myself understandable, any thoughts?