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  • Raw milk.

    If you had unlimited access to free raw milk straight from the cow would you drink it?

    Not pasteurized, no antibiotics or any other drugs, just good old fashion milk.

    The reason i ask is because my parents own a dairy farm and we milk about 100 cows so i could have as much milk as i could drink pretty much whenever i want.

    My only concern with this is acne, i don't really have it now but it has been a problem in the past. i have done a few cycles of steroids with my last one being about 3 months ago and i THINK that is what was giving me the acne so now i am ready to go back to drinking milk because i just love it too much to pass it up, especially when it it (in its raw state) such a great source of nutrients and protein.

    I know it would be great for bodybuilding and since i do that i am very tempted to go back to drinking it. I know it isn't primal but its got to be better for you than all the refined carbs and other crap i could be eating.

    I'm done with steroids btw, just not worth it for me.

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    When I was a kid- about 4 years old- my parents both were without jobs. My dad was laid off and my mom was pregnant. They foraged, hunted, and the farm down the road had Scottish Highland cows (they still do.) A couple of the cows had calves and the farmer told my dad he could have some of the milk. I remember going to the farm with my dad and trying milk right from the cow. My mom would make butter- or more appropriately would make my older siblings make butter. It was so warm, rich and good.

    I have access to raw goat milk now from an Amish farm. I don't really drink milk at all, but I make cheese from it sometimes. I generally limit my dairy to butter and cheese, and the occasional heavy cream. A taste of raw milk is wonderful from time to time though.

    If you like it, and your body tolerates it, go ahead. That's my 2 cents.


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      It's an incredible tool for building mass if that's what you're trying to do.

      If it suits your goals, and your body doesn't have any problems with it, go for it.

      Acne is a sign of systemic inflammation if I remember correctly, so if you start noticing that then your body doesn't handle it well and I would remove it personally, but that's a judgment call.


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        Well, I would definitely use it in place of supermarket milk. I would make butter and yogurt, cream cheese... that is really cool that you have access to all that milk. If I had no weight to lose and I actually liked milk then yes I would drink it. I wouldn't drink a ton of it but if milk doesn't affect you in any way then why not?


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          Fresh raw colostrum. Fresh raw cream. Ta heck with the raw milk, which is wonderful, btw.


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            Heck yes. Squats and milk! The only thing keeping me from drinking it the pasteurization/homogenization crap.

            Oh, I should add, it's not an ideal food for health though.
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              Ya it sure is great for putting on mass. 1 large glass is like 20 grams of complete protein and 300 calories, i can down that in less than 30 seconds lol

              Why isn't it an ideal food for health?


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                Originally posted by Alexb View Post
                Why isn't it an ideal food for health?
                I'm curious about this as well


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                  Because it's dairy? Food for baby cows...
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                    Well ok its not meant specifically for us to drink, its not as ideal as breast milk from a human but its better than a lot of other stuff that people are calling "healthy".

                    had 3L yesterday and 2.5L so far today, getting a little bit of acne in some very strange places (like my hip and under my pec lol wtf) but that might be from the binge drinking and smoking or from jerking off 2x in one day last weekend (well actually 1 wet dream and jerked off once)

                    Gonna keep going unless i see a major breakout but i don't think that will be the case.


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                      I have my prejudices against milk milk, although I don't forsee it being THAT bad I probably wouldn't drink it. Certainly no more than a cup. I would however make butter out of it.
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                        Originally posted by rphlslv View Post
                        Because it's dairy? Food for baby cows...
                        And grown up cows. That's why they nurse. Horses, mules, and sheep will do it as well, whether related or not related. That's why they sell those little nasal clips known as weaners in livestock supply catalogs. It pokes the lactating animal, they kick, the nurser quits.

                        Horses love raw milk.
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                          I dunno guys its pretty good stuff for someone trying to gain mass and strength. One 250 ml serving has like 10 grams of fat and 10 grams protein, 2L of that and you're easily halfway to your protein intake for the day not to mention you got 1200 calories right there and it takes no time to put down.

                          Of course i am only drinking it because its fresh and unpasteurized and i know where its coming from, i would totally steer clear of milk if i didn't live on a farm and have access to large quantities of high quality stuff for free.


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                            I don't drink much milk but I don't see why so many are against it. Butter is certainly popular around these parts and it's definitely a milk product.


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                              Hell yes I'd drink it!

                              Of course, I'm 100% Scandinavian, the ethnic group with the highest rates of lactose tolerance in the world, so dairy works for me just fine.
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