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  • Going to the ballpark?

    So, it's my dad's birthday and it is a tradition that we go and see a baseball game (Padres vs. Rockies... GO PADRES!). Unfortunately, it is the same tradition that causes my mother to splurge on the seats with the all you can eat buffet included. The all you can eat only includes--hot dogs, sodas, peanuts, and popcorn.

    So my question is, what is the best way I can stay primal throughout all of this? I'm thinking that eating the hot dog (without the bun of course), peanuts, and diet soda will be good. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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    Why do you have to eat? You could just bring something. Or else, IF.
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      You can't see from that post, but I'm only 16 and my parents basically control everything that goes into my mouth when I'm with them. I don't know how to explain it other than, it would be pretty much rude if I didn't eat a lot there (ticket costs and just family morals, I guess).


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        One afternoon is not going to kill you. If it's a cause of stress, just go with the flow and eat enough to appease your parents. It's really no big deal.
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          I suggest eating a hotdog very suggestively and then asking your dad if this is how he prefers you put things in your mouth. Otherwise... pack snacks!

          edit: Sorry, I forgot the serious part of my post. Just grab some hotdogs or burgers and eat them bunless. Don't stress out about it and have fun at the park. Life is going to suck if you worry about things like this everytime you go out.
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            Have a dog and don't sweat it. One dog isn't going to undue you.


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              One major part of a 'paleo' lifestyle is avoiding stress. That was a major thing for those old guys---always listening and looking to see what might be sneaking up on them---that brief moment of fear before you push a stick into a critter that outweighs you by half a ton---etc.. Getting to a place and time without stress was important to them.

              So--go ahead and eat a hot dog. Have some popcorn that isn't loaded with chemicals. Maybe even a small handfull of peanuts. The one day's push into non-paleo eating won't kill you, but having Mom on your butt for months might come close. Eat some and then just say you aren't hungry for more. Eat some and make Mom know that you have it.

              If possible though, just eat the hot dog without the bun, as someone else recommended earlier.
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