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Partially primal...question?

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  • Partially primal...question?

    I have been following the primal blueprint since around the first of April. I follow closely with the exception of alcohol - everyone has to have some vices I guess. In any case, since April I have dropped 20 lbs and feel great.

    In the last two weeks, my wife has decided to try eating better and exercising more consistently. In two weeks of careful eating and exercising she has actually gained 1 pound. She feels she looks better and I agree - so some might be muscle, but I still wonder when the loss when actually start occurring.

    Here is approximately her fitday output for yesterday (recreated it after she told me what she ate):
    I can't get it to import. Anyway, carbs 70.3, protein 68.4, fat 95.2 - total 1396. She isn't completely primal, but she is trying and should have a caloric deficit (especially with 5 day a week exercise of around 45 minutes). She isn't really eating bread and is attempting to minimize carbs, but she has had success in the past following programs like weight watchers. Any suggestions?

    She isn't going to go full primal - not at the place for that right now. I was hoping she would see some positive results and through time this would encourage an interest in following more closely. I know I find that as I continue I start wanting to fine tune loose ends. Right now I am afraid if she doesn't see some improvement soon she will say forget it and go back to SHAD (standard "healthy" american diet - thought I would add "h" to cover the case when people are eating naturally avoiding processed foods and sugars with the exception of whole grains) with exercise?

    Sorry for the all over the place post!!

    Thanks for any help.

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    Sounds like it could be a whole lot worse. If all you manage to do is convince your wife of one of the following; 1) gluten is bad 2) PUFA are bad 3) fat is not the enemy, then she will be much better off than before.

    How is she exercising? That can have a big impact on weight loss.
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      She has been doing a mixture of weights and maybe 20 minutes of traditional cardio work. I am working on that also. I am not sure how heavy of weights she is lifting and (as the husband) am not in a position to suggest that she lift heavier if it is actually too light.

      She has had to listen to my ramblings for some time (long before I started in April) about fat and doesn't think that fat is the enemy, but it is hard sell for my age group given we all grew up in the 80s!! Most people I talk with just simply can't come to terms with the fact that eating grass-fed steak, whole eggs, and other meats can possibly be healthy. And to make matters worse, most people I talk to actually won't read much of what I suggest and think they know about fats because of what they have learned!!

      I definitely have filled her head about the negative effects of gluten. About a year ago she had some stomach/intestinal issues that she went to the doctor for and went away in a couple of weeks. I attempted to get her to go carb/gluten free (except non-starchy vegetables) and see if it went away on its on.

      By the way, I don't shy away from PUFA, but I eat a lot of saturated fat and take fish oil supplements - should I be intentionally avoiding PUFA?


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        Probably, although less rabidly than do some on these forums. Really, so long as you cut out any vegetable oils besides olive, coconut, palm, and the occasional sesame/nut oils, you're 90% of the way there and I'm not sure 10% is worth stressing out about for most people.
        Give me liberty. Exploration of other options will be vigorously discouraged.

        Wondering something sciencey? Ask me in my Ask a Biochemist Thread


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          Thanks - I use coconut oil heavily and the second highest oil would be olive.