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The Non-Primal "Look"

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  • The Non-Primal "Look"

    My husband says that I have a "look" i give food every once in a while.

    Say we're at a friend's house and they've been nice enough to invite us in for dinner. We, of course, agree thankfully and join them (surely there must be SOMETHING meaty or primal-friendly on the table

    There at the table sits ravioli, bread, sweet corn (their token "veggie"... *snort*), and cheesecake (no! not even a italian salad!)...

    That's when I get "the look" according to my husband. He says he's the only one who sees it... but I have a look that sceams "oh f$@#... i'm screwed, i can't refuse, i can suddenly not be hungry... i'm gonna have to eat it, have the sh#ts about 10 minutes later... uggh!"

    Do any of you have "the look" ?
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    My hubby can see my wheels spinning too, whenever we're in that type of situation. I'm pretty good at keeping a calm/expressionless face amidst the racing in my brain, but he knows. Every once in a while I do pull an obviously disgusted face at something ridiculous, like White Castle "Chicken Rings," but I try to keep it in check
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      Does the food make you acutely sick, or is it just a matter of long-term health? If it upsets your digestive system, it's probably worth expressing your dietary restrictions when you go to someone's house to eat. Heck, vegetarians and vegans do it all the time! There was a great video on youtube, which unfortunately I can't find again, parodying how it's considered impolite not to provide a vegetarian option, but it isn't impolite not to provide a low-carb option. (A frankenfood-free option is, however, probably too much to ask for.)

      I don't have a "look," but I have a serious problem with the same scenario you've described. Unfortunately, I cheat too much on my own to qualify for expressing "dietary restrictions" to my hosts. So I suck it up and eat the food, and I feel fine, except convinced I'm going to get diabetes in 25 years like my father.

      Written out in black and white, that sounds so ridiculous that I've hereby convinced myself that I should express dietary preferences to my hosts too.


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        Can't you claim gluten intollerance, since really, everyone is gluten intollerant? I'm celiac so my friends are mostly good. I'm also bossy and therefore do most of the cooking!
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          I always ask a host "what can I bring?" before a dinner party and make sure to bring a lot for everyone to share. I also have no problems expressing that I am allergic to wheat (maybe I should now make that grains). I do accept pieces of birthday cake and wedding cake and then switch plates with my husband when he finishes his.


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            Apparently, the left side of my upper lip lifts in almost a sneer, in concert with a wrinkling of the nose. It's generally so quick, no one but my husband notices. I also apparently get this look like I'm planning to take over the free world when I'm trying to figure out how to Primalize a menu with nothing Primal friendly on it. For a dinner party or something to that effect, where I'm reasonably certain thhere won't be anything me- friendly, I eat something before I go, so I only taste test the various foods.
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              I feel like an alien when the bread basket comes before a meal and everyone but me is digging in. I feel very sad.


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                We went to a graduation party this weekend, and luckily my wife was asked to bring a garden salad. I figured the grill would be going, and I'd be all set.

                When we showed up the grill was covered (first look shot to wifey). We were directed inside to set our salad out with the rest of the food (pasta salad #1, pasta salad #2, pasta salad #3, potato salad #1, potato salad #2, italian finger sandwiches, brownies, cupcakes (second look to wifey was promptly shot).

                I was starving, so when the coast was clear, I emptied two finger sandwiches onto a plate and covered it with our garden salad (luckily the sandwiches were from my favorite pre-primal deli), and walked out like nothing happened. As soon as I caught up with wifey she said, I knew that's what you were going to do.


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                  Originally posted by AnneArchy View Post
                  I feel like an alien when the bread basket comes before a meal and everyone but me is digging in. I feel very sad.
                  Awww, that's no good. It's really worth reframing it and instead feeling strong, healthy, determined, committed and even powerful. This kind of willpower is new to me. I *love* it when a waiter puts the bread on the table and I have no desire or interest.

                  Fwiw though, I do have celiac disease.....and for years, would still eat the bread at restaurants simply b/c I couldn't say no:/ So I love this!

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                    My SigOther currently resides in Japan so if I have a look... I have no one around to tell me about it... I'm guessing I do though since in general I get some subtle look whenever I'm disgusted or such...


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                      haha I have a look as well. When I am out and trying to decide the lesser of evils to consume my ex always catches me. "I can see your wheels turning trying to decide what you can eat!"

                      I think it's my darting eyes that gives it away while I am going over everything on the menu doing quick calculations in my head.
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                        I have tried very hard to cover up the look.

                        this weekend at my daughter's grad party, I had to practically freeze my face when everybody's eating cake and pie and then the topic of bacon comes up (because the nephews -- the other sister's kids-- love it) and my ex sis-in-law goes "ugh, heart attack".

                        I didn't even look at my husband because I think the look would have taken over...
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                          I used to get the "deer in headlights" look. I always ask if I can bring something--hoping for a way to bring something I can eat. If I can slyly find out what will be served in advance, I do. And if I'm going in blind I eat something beforehand or bring almonds or fruit (like grapes) in baggies in my purse (if the get together is hosted by someone who would understand).


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                            My wife doesn't tell me I have a "look" but she certainly tells me that she feels I judge her when she eats "bad"....I seriously don't even open my mouth or make any facial expressions and I will get the "don't judge me or make me feel bad because I want to eat this"....


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                              As a Mexican, saying no to beans, rice and tortillas, or even "worse" coming to my friends BBQ with a prickle pear tortilla box in my hand always started some giggles among friends.

                              My answer.

                              F@#$ off!.

                              That works like a charm.

                              Now, when I have to make unhealthy choices I go 20% here I go, then I just switch any carb refeed I had think of.